Is Jack Frost on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime, or Hulu?

Directed by Troy Miller, ‘Jack Frost’ is a Christmas drama film that centers around the eponymous father and musician who loses his life in a car accident. However, a miracle strikes when he finds his way back to Earth in the form of a snowman. This Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston-starrer might be everything you need on Christmas, especially if you like fantasy entwined with festivity. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the details of the film and the streaming options available online!

What is Jack Frost About?

In a fictional town in Colorado, a singer named Jack Frost hands over his cherished harmonica to his son Charlie. The instrument was brought into the house the day Charlie was born, and Jack then playfully tells him that it is capable of magic. Charlie would always be able to stay connected to his dad as long as the harmonica is in his possession. Jack’s obsession with his musical career sabotages his relationship with his family. On his way to the mountains where he plans to make amends to his family, his car crashes, resulting in his death.

After a year goes by, Charlie spirals into a deep depression. He also refuses to stay in touch with his friends. As the pain becomes increasingly unbearable, he builds a snowman resembling his father. He picks up Jack’s harmonica just before bedtime, and it surprisingly brings Jack back in the form of the snowman. If the film has caught your attention and you are wondering how you can watch it. We have all the details right here!

Is Jack Frost on Netflix?

The Michael Keaton-starrer is no longer available for streaming on Netflix. But the platform has several interesting Christmas films that strongly feature the theme of family. On that note, we have a few suggestions such as ‘David and the Elves‘ and ‘The Holiday Calendar.’

Is Jack Frost on Hulu?

Hulu’s regular offerings do not include the Christmas movie. However, you can choose to watch similar movies such as ‘Jingle All the Way‘ and ‘Happiest Season.’

Is Jack Frost on Amazon Prime Video?

‘Jack Frost’ is not a part of Amazon Prime Video’s regular offerings. However, you can rent or purchase the film on the platform or access it using an AMC+ add-on. To know more about these options, click here.

Is Jack Frost on HBO Max?

HBO Max subscribers are in luck as the entertaining holiday flick is available on the streamer. You can watch it on the platform by clicking here.

Is Jack Frost on Disney+?

Unfortunately, Disney+ users might have to explore other options to access the movie, as it is currently not available on the streaming platform. But you can still watch other movies on the streamer like ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol,’ ‘Home Alone,’ and ‘Noelle.’

Where to Watch Jack Frost Online?

‘Jack Frost’ is accessible for rent or purchase on various video-on-demand platforms like Google Play, Microsoft StoreiTunes, AMC Theatres, Spectrum, YouTube, and Vudu. You can also watch the 1998 film on Fubo TV, Philo, and DirecTV.

How to Stream Jack Frost for Free?

Fubo TV and Philo offer 7-day free trials to first-time subscribers. People who want to watch the movie free of charge can try using any one of the aforementioned offers. But we always tell our readers to refrain from using illegal options and stream the desired content online only after paying for it.

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