Is Jason Segel’s Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Father?

CBS’ sitcomHow I Met Your Mother’ comprises several endearing characters. From the protagonist Ted Mosby to the ever-loved Barney Stinson, the characters of the show always succeed in moving the viewers’ hearts. Jason Segel’s Marshall Eriksen is also one among them. As Ted’s best friend and Lily’s partner, Marshall does steal our love with his admirable demeanor.

Ted and Marshall’s friendship and his love for Lily are two of the focal points of the show’s narrative from its inception. As the much-awaited follow-up of the sitcom has finally materialized, one must be wondering whether the beloved character is returning to be in ‘How I Met Your Father.’ Let’s find out!

Is Jason Segel’s Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Father?

While considering the whole bunch of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ characters, Marshall Eriksen is one of the sweetest and real ones. Marshall’s efforts to sail the ship of his romance even in turbulent waters and the companionship he offers to his friends make him a very adorable character. Naturally, the admirers of Marshall were waiting for years to see the return of the character when a sequel show got greenlit. However, Jason Segel’s Marshall Eriksen is not part of ‘How I Met Your Father’ in a regular or recurring capacity.

Since ‘How I Met Your Father’ is a standalone sequel to ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ the former follows an entirely original set of characters and storylines. The sitcom does not continue the narrative of the original show and the connection between the two is primarily the similar narrative structure and themes. Thus, instead of Marshall and his gang, the viewers are introduced to a new set of characters and their respective sagas.

Still, there is a possibility of seeing Marshall Eriksen in the sitcom. In a May 2021 interview, Hilary Duff, who portrays the protagonist Sophie and also serves as the producer of the show, revealed that guest appearances from the original show’s cast are indeed expected. Considering the fanbase and appeal of Marshall, we can very well hope for Jason Segel reprising the role with a freshly stitched court dress.

The portrayal of Marshall Eriksen proved to be a breakthrough for Jason Segel. The actor solidified his presence in the industry with his performance and went on to essay numerous memorable roles in both films and television shows. A guest appearance in ‘How I Met Your Father’ as Marshall will indeed be a fitting homage to the character and a delightful treat for the fans of both shows. To reiterate, Marshall’s return will incredibly enhance the spirit and appeal of the sitcom and we can hope that it is on the cards.

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