Is Jerome Saint Dead? Did Amin Joseph Leave Snowfall?

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The sixth season of FX’s crime seriesSnowfall’ revolves around Jerome Saint and his wife Louanne “Louie” Saint’s efforts to safeguard themselves from their enemies, including their nephew Franklin Saint. When Kane leaves the hospital, the couple teams up with the former’s ally to kill him, only for Franklin to save him. After the attack, Kane retaliates in the sixth episode of the season. He makes a surprise move to threaten to kill Louie, only for Jerome to intervene to save his beloved. Jerome’s intervention, however, ends up threatening his life. If you are eager to know more about the same, here’s what we can share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Jerome Saint’s Tragic Fate

Yes, Jerome Saint is dead. Jerome becomes the new king of the drug scene of Los Angeles when Louie strikes a deal with Theodore “Teddy” McDonald to sell crack cocaine, removing Franklin from the throne. Louie then tries to kill Kane using Beau Buckley but the drug dealer manages to escape and ends up in a hospital. Kane sends his men to kill the couple in retaliation, only for them to escape as well and eventually hide. When one of Kane’s allies turns against him, Jerome and Louie team up with him and nearly kills Kane. In the sixth episode of the sixth season, Kane kidnaps Louie to exact his vengeance on her and lure Jerome into him.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

Kane calls Franklin to offer Louie, who betrayed the young kingpin to become the queen of the city’s drug scene. Franklin, however, doesn’t tolerate the love of his uncle’s life getting tortured and humiliated by anyone. He lets Jerome know that Kane has Louie and offers to help him save her. When Kane permits one of his business partners to torture and rape Louie, Jerome sneaks into the place with the help of Franklin. A shootout ensues between the Saints and Kane’s men, only for the former to remain alive. Ultimately, Jerome finds his wife but at the gunpoint of Kane. Still, he finds a way to shoot at Kane, only for the latter to shoot back and kill Jerome.

Although Louie and Franklin try to wake him up, Jerome has gone for good. Does that mean we have seen the last of Amin Joseph in the crime drama? Let’s find out.

Amin Joseph Has Likely Left Snowfall

Although FX hasn’t formally announced the departure of Amin Joseph from ‘Snowfall,’ the actor had expressed his gratitude to the viewers for supporting him, which indicates that Joseph had left the crime drama. “I gave this everything I got. Thanks for the ride,” the actor shared after the broadcast of the sixth episode of the sixth season. Since Jerome is dead, Joseph’s departure isn’t a surprise. The storyline of the beloved “unc” seemingly gets concluded with his death, which opened a gateway for the actor to leave the series.

Having said that, we may haven’t seen the last of Joseph’s Jerome in the series. According to IMDb, the actor is a part of the cast of the eighth and ninth episodes of the sixth season. However, Joseph’s character Jerome’s appearances in these two episodes must be limited to flashback sequences, that too possibly scenes from previous seasons of the series. Jerome may also appear in the visions of Louie, who kickstarted the conflicts against Kane, which ultimately killed her husband. Although Jerome is dead, his death may remain an integral part of the rest of the show’s episodes since Louie and Franklin are expected to do everything they can to honor the memories of the latter’s uncle.

Even though Jerome’s death and the show’s conclusion also mark the conclusion of Joseph’s incredible performance as Franklin’s uncle, the admirers of the actor can await the premiere of FX’s Western series ‘Justified: City Primeval.’ The actor plays Jamal Wilder in the series co-developed by Dave Andron, a co-creator of ‘Snowfall.’

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