Is Jimmy Nicholas’ Chief Evan Hawkins Leaving Chicago Fire?

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

The tenth season of NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire’ follows a tumultuous phase of paramedic Violet Mikami’s career as the temporary paramedic Emma Jacobs aspires to replace her at Firehouse 51. She blackmails Violet and the latter’s boyfriend Chief Evan Hawkins to gain the job. Even though Violet’s colleague Blake Gallo teams up with Hawkins to formulate a plan to put an end to Emma’s vicious efforts to be a permanent part of Firehouse 51, their attempts do not yield any results. Ultimately, Hawkins makes a life-altering decision to put an end to the predicament, making the viewers wonder whether Jimmy Nicholas is leaving the show. Well, let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Chief Evan Hawkins?

After joining Firehouse 51 as a temporary paramedic to fill in for Sylvie Brett, Emma starts to target Violet’s place in the fire station. She threatens to expose Violet and Hawkins’ relationship if Emma doesn’t get the former’s job. Gallo and Hawkins try their best to stop Emma from doing the same, but they fail to find anything substantial to counter-threat her. In addition, Emma also threatened to report Violet forgetting to stock a mask needed to treat patients despite the latter remembering very well that she had stored the mask in their ambulance.

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

While Emma ensures her victory over Violet, Hawkins decides to “take the hit” for his girlfriend. He meets his superior and takes the blame for the sake of Violet. In the eleventh season premiere, Hawkins reveals to Gallo that he got transferred to the southeast side of Chicago, away from Violet and Firehouse 51. So, does Hawkins’ transfer mean that we are seeing the last of the characters in the show? Is Jimmy Nicholas going to depart from the medical drama? Let’s see.

Jimmy Nicholas is Most Likely to Continue Featuring in Upcoming Episodes

As of yet, neither NBC nor Jimmy Nicholas has announced the departure of the actor from ‘Chicago Fire.’ Even though Hawkins is planning to move forward with his transfer to the southeast side of Chicago, we can expect Nicholas’ character to feature in the upcoming episodes of the eleventh season, especially after his reunion with Violet. In the eleventh season premiere, Hawkins and Violet reaffirm their love for each other, which indicates that there’s a lot to happen in their storyline and relationship. Since the show doesn’t shy away from depicting the personal lives of the firefighters and paramedics of Firehouse 51, we may see Hawkins remaining an integral part of Violet’s life.

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Although Hawkins will be away from Firehouse 51, we may see him with Violet at Molly’s, as seen in the eleventh-season premiere. A love triangle between Violet, Hawkins, and Gallo can’t be ruled out as well since Gallo is yet to find a way to kill his feelings for Violet despite her relationship with Hawkins. While talking to Brett, Violet says that she and Hawkins can finally live as partners without hiding the same from the world. If that’s the case, we may even see them together more. Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe that Jimmy Nicholas will most likely continue to be featured in ‘Chicago Fire.’

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