Is Juliette Dead? Where Does She Go? Are There More Silos?

Apple TV+’s science-fiction series ‘Silo’ revolves around Juliette Nichols, who sets out to unravel the secrets concerning the silo, an establishment that serves as the home of remnants of humanity after an apocalypse, she resides in. Juliette learns more about the silo from a hard drive her late boyfriend has hidden for her before his death. Meanwhile, Bernard and Robert Sims, the custodians of the silo, hunt her down to protect the same secrets and prevent a rebellion from happening inside the establishment. Juliette’s “unlawful” actions pave the way for severe consequences which threaten her life. If you are intrigued about what really happens to Juliette at the end of the first season of ‘Silo,’ let us provide the answers! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Juliette is Not Dead

No, Juliette is not dead. In the first season finale, Juliette tries to screen the video of the supposedly green and habitable outside world, taken by Jane Carmody, on the displays inside the silo. Bernard and Sims try to track her down but Juliette ends up in the mechanical department, which is her “home.” She recovers from a fall at Martha “Walk” Walker’s house but Judicial officials soon arrive at the place as her former boss Knox informs them about her to avoid a raid at the department. Before getting captured, Juliette talks to Walk about the higher-quality heat tapes she once stole from the IT department.

Juliette’s life is saved by these heat tapes. The individuals who went out of the silo before Juliette died soon after leaving the establishment. Whether it be Allison or Holston, they all died even before reaching the small ridge that’s not far away from the opening of the silo. What makes Juliette an exception is the heat tapes used on her suit, which are different from the ones used to dress Allison, Holston, and others who had left the silo before them. After Juliette gets captured, Martha meets Carla and garners higher-quality heat tapes, possibly from the IT department, and replaces the regular ones with them.

After leaving the silo, Juliette learns that the outside world is barren and lifeless. She soon realizes that Carmody’s video is a simulation shown in the visor of her suit, possibly to make the people who leave the silo clean the camera outside the establishment. The suits worn by the people who went out must have contained pores for the toxic air of the outer world to get into their system and kill them. The regular heat tapes worn on them must have also contained openings or pores for the toxic air to put an end to their lives, possibly as a punishment for breaking the cardinal law of the silo.

The higher-quality heat tapes used on Juliette’s suit may not have any pores or openings for the toxic air to kill her. It must also be covering the possible pores on her suit. Therefore, she succeeds in staying alive and walking towards the ridge, possibly as the first person in a very long time to do so.

Juliette’s Search for Refuge in Other Silos

After standing on the ridge, Juliette looks ahead and sees a vast barren world without any establishment on the ground. However, she must have noticed several openings on the ground like the opening of the silo she had been residing in. These openings are the gateways to more silos, which makes it clear that her silo isn’t the only one existing in the world. With nowhere else to go, Juliette is expected to seek refuge in one of these silos. If the upcoming second season of the series follows Hugh Howey’s ‘Silo’ novels, the source texts of the show, without any significant differences, we can expect Juliette to end up in Silo 17.

In the ‘Silo’ novels, Juliette arrives in Silo 17 after leaving the silo she has resided in ever since her birth. Silo 17 had witnessed an uprising decades ago, possibly like the Rebellion that happened in Juliette’s silo. By the time she ends up at the place, the only person living in the establishment is Solo, the last survivor of the uprising. Solo tells her about the different silos and how to communicate between them. After seeking refuge at the place, Juliette is expected to contact one of her peers living in her former home, which is Silo 18. In the novels, she reaches out to Lukas. In the show, Bernard decides to send him to the mines for ten years for helping Juliette.

In the second season, we may see Lukas finding a way to escape from the punishment and establishing contact with Juliette. They may even form a relationship and his assistance is expected to play a key role in the potential return of Juliette to Silo 18.

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