Is Kelvin Gay in The Righteous Gemstones? Theories

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Kelvin Gemstone (Adam DeVine) is the third and youngest child of Eli and Aimee-Leigh Gemstone. He is the only one among the Gemstone siblings who is neither married nor in a relationship. In various interviews, DeVine has described his character as a man-child. “I mean, I’m playing a man-child, which is something that I’m oh so good at,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I knew that I could play that character, but what I tried to do for this character, weirdly enough, is really ground him and make him seem like a real guy. Because he’s very sensitive and very much put-upon, and he’s the youngest in the family so he kind of gets away with a lot and no one expects a lot out of him.”

Like his siblings, Kelvin has his own house in the Gemstone compound. While Jesse and Judy share their homes with their significant others, Kelvin lives with his former Satanist friend, Keefe (Tony Cavalero). Their unconventional relationship must have made you wonder whether Kelvin is gay. Here is what you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Kelvin Gay?

Throughout the series, there are heavy implications that the writers have plans to take the character toward that direction in the future. But, for now, they seem to be content by writing the character into hilarious and homoerotic situations. His scenes with Keefe, in particular, are charged with sexual innuendoes. Until recently, Keefe had been a hedonist, so he is very much aware of the sexual tension between them. In contrast, Kelvin has no idea that the things he does can be interpreted in certain ways. For example, in season 2, he has collected a group of ridiculously muscular men to be part of his God’s Squad, blissfully unaware of how that might look like to someone from the outside.

Image Credit: Ryan Green/HBO

It’s possible that he is so far inside the closet that he has no idea there is a closet. Part of this can be attributed to how Eli brought him and his siblings up. Eli is a demanding, and at times, harsh parent, who controls various aspects of his children’s lives. All of them are financially dependent on him. And that has to have some effects on Kelvin not yet coming to terms with his own sexuality. Like his siblings, Kelvin desperately seeks his father’s approval. He might be afraid that acknowledging that part of himself will further strain his relationship with his father. In season 1, Jesse tells Gideon that he would happily accept if the latter were gay. While Jesse might feel this way about Kelvin, their conservative church headquartered in South Carolina might not share the sentiment.

Another possibility is that Kelvin is asexual, which also can explain certain aspects of his personality. It will be interesting to see whether the writers ever decide to confirm his sexuality. A significant part of what makes Kelvin funny is this ambiguity about his character. If that is taken away, there is a chance that the character might become less interesting.

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