Is Kim Seon-ho Dating? Who is Kim Seon-ho’s Girlfriend?

Kim Seon-ho is a well-known face in the Korean entertainment industry owing to his performances in several plays, television shows, and movies. An actor with several accolades to his name, Seon-ho has appeared in ‘Good Manager,’ ‘Start-Up,’ ‘Strongest Deliveryman,’ ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2,’ ‘2 Days & 1 Night,’ and ‘Catch the Ghost.’ However, it is Netflix’s feel-good series ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ that he is best known for, as it immediately launched Kim Seon-ho to global stardom.

A remake of the 2004 Korean film ‘Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong,’ ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ amassed massive ratings upon its release and also entered Netflix’s worldwide Top 10 list in October 2021. Naturally, fans can’t stop themselves from swooning over Kim Seon-ho’s portrayal of Hong Du-sik! Needless to say, fans are wondering whether the endearing actor has a special someone in his life. Well, we’re here to answer this very question. So, let’s dive right in!

Kim Seon-ho’s Family and Early Life

Kim Seon-ho was born on May 8, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea. He showed a penchant for acting from a young age, although he reportedly wanted to be a doctor as a child. He enrolled in an acting academy during high school; in college, he joined a theater production class that allowed him to explore acting as well as scriptwriting. In 2009, Seon-ho graduated from the prestigious Seoul Institute of the Arts. He completed his mandatory military service before venturing into the entertainment industry and successfully making a name for himself.

In an interview, Seon-ho revealed that acting enabled him to get over childhood trauma and his fear of strangers. He had been an extremely fearful and shy child due to the harrowing experience of seeing a robber stab his mother. Thankfully, his mother eventually recovered from the incident, and Seon-ho, too, found emotional healing through acting. The talented actor continues to have a good relationship with his parents, who prefer to stay away from the public eye.

In season 4 of the reality show ‘2 Days & 1 Night,’ Seon-ho’s father revealed that despite being happy about his son’s success, he feels worried. “Since [Seon Ho] is now bearing a heavier burden, he has to be careful not to drop it,” he said, referring to his son’s increasing popularity. Considering the diverse number of projects that Seon-ho has under his belt, it seems that the star is being wise about his acting choices and has a strong support system as well.

Prior to his television career, Seon-ho was a major part of the theater industry. He performed in plays such as ‘New Boeing Boeing,’ ‘Rooftop House Cat,’ and ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman.’ A household name in South Korea and affectionately called the “Dimple Prince” for his good looks and dimply smile, Seon-ho certainly is reaching new heights as an actor. It is understandable why fans think that this handsome heartthrob must have a lady love. Let’s find out if he does!

Is Kim Seon-ho Dating Anyone?

Kim Seon-ho once revealed on a radio show that he did have a girlfriend when he had gone for his military service, long before he entered this entertainment industry. Despite their 3-year relationship, the girl broke up with him over text and then proceeded to ignore him. Seon-ho added that she refused to engage in a conversation when he went over to her house to talk. Deeply hurt, he even went down on his knees to beg her to take him back! “I think I was too desperate at that time. It was probably because I was in the military,” Seon-ho reminisced.

Of course, fans of Kim Seon-ho — like the fans of any K-drama heartthrob — have romantically linked him with almost all his beautiful co-actors he has appeared on-screen with. The long list includes Moon Geun-young (‘Catch the Ghost’), Mun Ka-young (‘Welcome to Waikiki 2’), Bae Suzy (‘Start-Up), and most recently, Shin Min Ah from ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.’ However, these seem to be no more than rumors or wishful thinking on the part of fans. For the uninitiated, Shin Min Ah is already in a relationship with model-actor Kim Woo Bin.

Talking about how he perceives acting and communication, the 35-year-old actor said, “If I open up about my weaknesses to the other actor first, they too would open up a little and become closer. I have no other interests outside of acting.” Kim Seon-ho is obviously very serious as well as professional about his career!

It seems that the heart-fluttering chemistry we see on-screen is simply Seon-ho’s passion for acting combined with his friendly nature. Seon-ho is seemingly good friends with all of his co-stars, and it is unlikely that he dated, or is dating, any of the actors he has been associated with. Or, you know, he’s just extremely good at keeping his romantic life private. We’ll let him be, as long we get to see more of his amazing acting!

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