Is King George Gay in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story?

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Netflix’s ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ is the prequel series that explores the early years of Queen Charlotte and King George’s reign. The story begins with 17-year-old Charlotte marrying George, whom she briefly meets before their wedding. She knows nothing about him, and no one around her tells her anything besides repeating that he is a king. Charlotte had already been suspicious about why she was chosen to be George’s wife and the Queen of England. But she becomes more suspicious when a sweet and polite George turns into a neglectful husband on their wedding night. He refuses to be in the same house as Charlotte and doesn’t even bother to consummate their marriage. Could this be because of the king’s sexual preferences? Let’s find out.

King George is Not Gay in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

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No, King George is not gay in ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.’ However, homosexuality during his time is still considered unacceptable in society, which is why his footman, Reynolds, who is in love with Queen Charlotte’s footman, Brimsley, keeps his sexuality a secret. The King, however, is very much in love with Charlotte. He confesses to Reynolds that he was instantly attracted to Charlotte when they first met. He’d never met anyone as beautiful, witty, and smart as her.

While George initially keeps a distance from Charlotte, he eventually comes around, and he and the queen begin their passionate romance. In the future, Queen Charlotte reminisces about the good times she shared with her husband and considers their fifteen children a testament to their love for each other. The love between Charlotte and George helps him with his personal troubles while setting a precedent for society, facilitating the integration of society where people of color receive the equal standing they deserve.

The Hidden Struggle: George’s Battle with Mental Illness

Whatever doubt Charlotte has about her husband’s affection for her is washed away soon enough, and they share a deep love for each other. Considering that he’d fallen in love with Charlotte the moment he saw her and succeeded in changing her mind about running away, one might wonder why did George treat Charlotte so harshly as soon as their wedding was over. Why did he abandon her when they were supposed to spend their honeymoon together? What secret was he keeping from her?

Image Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

George stayed away from Charlotte because he worried that he might get ill in her presence, which might drive her away. George had a mental illness that led to breakdowns and manic episodes that could last for days. At the time, there was no way to treat mental illnesses properly, and all the treatments that George had been subjected to didn’t bear any results. When Dr. John Monro offered his services, the king’s mother was desperate to try anything that could help her son.

George feels better by the wedding, but he knows the situation is temporary. When he meets Charlotte, he realizes he cannot reveal his condition to her. Since she’d tried to run away from the wedding, George believed she wouldn’t mind if he kept his distance from her. Eventually, however, he realizes he cannot always keep her in the dark. Moreover, staying with her is better for him than staying away. The time he spends in her presence makes him happy, bolstering his health without going through the inhumane treatments he consented to in Dr. Monro’s care.

Things go great for George and Charlotte for a while, but when he discovers that Charlotte is pregnant, he becomes nervous, which triggers a bout of mania. This is when Charlotte discovers the truth and realizes why the king’s mother came so far as Germany and wedded her son to a woman much lower on the social hierarchy. As George feared, Charlotte leaves the palace and considers returning home to Germany. However, she is angrier about the fact that George and his mother lied to her than the fact that he had a mental illness. Ultimately, she decides to stay and help George stay healthy and run the country. By the end of the season, it is clear that despite a long battle ahead of them, George and Charlotte will fight it together.

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