Is Lee Kwang-soo Leaving Running Man?

‘Running Man’ is a South Korean variety game show that has been on the air for over a decade and entertains fans with its action-heavy and quirky games (known as missions) that the Masters of Ceremony (MCs) and the guest contestants compete in to win various prizes. The format of the show has continually changed over the course of its more than five hundred episodes. Typically the focus is on a type of race with obstacles and other challenges inter spread over an episode.

Fans of the show avidly enjoy its over-the-top comedy and unpredictability. One such unpredictable event has occurred behind the scenes, with regular cast member Lee Kwang-soo supposedly heading for the exit door. Is Lee Kwang-soo actually leaving ‘Running Man,’ or is it just the latest rumor about the popular reality series? We have the definitive answers for you right here!

Is Lee Kwang-soo Leaving Running Man?

Lee Kwang-soo is one of the seven original cast members of ‘Running Man’ having joined the show back in 2010. Initially considered a rookie due to his lack of experience in the variety circuit, Kwang-soo quickly became not just a fan favorite but also a seasoned performer. His official color on the show is black, and his signature animal is a giraffe. Despite his continued bad luck during various missions (especially luck-based), Kwang-soo gained popularity due to the hilarious rumors about the other cast members he concocted. Thanks to his witty charms and mischievous nature, Kwang-soo’s popularity has grown across the globe earning him the nickname “Prince of Asia.”

After spending eleven long years on the variety show, fans will no longer be greeted by Kwang-soo making an entry grooving to the hit tune of Sting’s “Saint Agnes and the Burning Train” as the actor’s departure from the show has been confirmed. In February 2020, Kwang-soo, or “Dance Machine,” as fans of the show call him, was involved in a car accident that injured his ankle. He took a brief leave of absence from the show but returned shortly after bouncing back from the injury.

However, in April 2021, it was reported that the beloved actor would be stepping away from the show. As revealed by the show’s network and Kwang-soo’s management agency, the primary reason behind this decision was the actor’s desire to focus on his rehabilitation program. The simultaneous recovery process and filming of ‘Running Man’ were likely causing some distress to Kwang-soo. The actor who has also appeared in numerous films and television shows is the 3rd original cast member of the ‘Running Man’ to exit the show.

Despite his nagging injury Kwang-soo has demonstrated exceptional work ethic and love for the show and its fans by continuing to appear for as long as he did despite not being in peak physical condition. We wish Kwang-soo a speedy recovery and hope that he eventually returns to ‘Running Man.’ The actor filmed his last appearance on May 24, 2021, nearly a month after the news of his departure first broke. Kwang-soo’s final episode is expected to air on June 13, 2021, on SBS. For now, fans can keep up with the 35-year-old actor through his social media profiles, where he regularly shares updates about his personal and professional life.

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