Is Lisa Found Guilty in The Lincoln Lawyer? Does She go to Prison?

Image Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ brings Mickey Haller back in action as the hottest defense attorney in Los Angeles. Haller is on the rise after winning the Trevor Elliot trial, which has made him busier than ever. With so many cases to handle, he once again turns to work from his Lincoln, but this time, things are much more complicated, and we see him spending more time in his office.

The case pertains to the murder of a businessman called Mitchell Bondurant. Lisa Trammell, a chef who owns the restaurant next to the building Bondurant was making, is accused of the murder. She claims innocence, but the prosecution has too many things in their favor. It makes Haller’s task all the more difficult, and once again, he finds himself in a tricky predicament. Is his client innocent, or is she lying to him? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Lisa’s Guilt Undecided, Awaits Trial Outcome

Mickey meets Lisa at her restaurant, where they spend the night together. Before they can think about whether or not they should go on a date, Lisa is charged with murder, and Mickey becomes her lawyer. The prosecution seems confident about their case, which makes Haller a little uneasy. He knows he will get what they have in discovery, but he wants to be prepared beforehand to see what he is dealing with.

Before the trial commences, the prosecution has to prove their case against Lisa. They have to show enough evidence to carry a case against her. If not, she will be let go, and the case against her will be dismissed. The pre-trial is very important for the defense. Haller’s priority is to gauge what the prosecution has, discredit it, and hopefully get the case thrown out. If that doesn’t happen, then he wants to use this as the opportunity to prepare himself to build a case against the proof that the prosecution has.

At the end of Season 2 Part 1, Lisa goes through this pre-trial hearing, not the actual trial. He is up against Andrea Freeman, who has won every case she was prosecuting and Mickey was defending. This adds another layer of challenge because Andrea doesn’t like Mickey, and though the feeling is reciprocated, Andrea makes it clear that when she wins the case and goes for the sentencing, she will look at Mickey and not Lisa.

Image Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

The rivalry fuels Mickey, and he decides to win the case no matter what. His trick is to let the prosecution show their most important card during pre-trial because it will determine the course of the actual trial. The prosecution presents a witness named Margo Schafer. She was Bondurant’s secretary and saw Lisa leaving the building around the same time Bondurant was murdered. Mickey tears apart her testimony by questioning whether she actually saw Lisa or if she imagined she saw Lisa because she connected her to the protests and Bondurant.

Andrea thought Schafer’s testimony would be enough, and she could keep her cards to herself until the trial. However, with Schafer no longer sure of what she saw, Andrea’s hand is forced, and the court asks the prosecution to present irrefutable evidence. This is when Andrea reveals that Bondurant’s blood was found on Andrea’s gardening gloves which were confiscated from her garden shed.

This is a shock to Mickey because Lisa was adamant about her innocence, yet there was one piece of evidence after another proving her guilty. Luckily, this shock surfaced in the pre-trail, which means Mickey will have time to prepare for the trial, see how to tackle this evidence and prove that Lisa had nothing to do with the gloves. Because this evidence is too strong to ignore, the court rules that the case against Lisa should go to trial. As of now, she hasn’t been pronounced guilty or not guilty, which means there’s still a long way to go to prove her innocence. Does this mean she will have to go to prison?

Image Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

Because Lisa was arrested for murder, she had to spend some time in prison. She would have had to stay in prison for the pre-trial and throughout the entire trial, but Mickey tried to get her out. Through the support she receives from the community, he proves that she is neither dangerous nor a flight risk. However, the prosecution wants her to be in prison because they think she has a violent nature. The judge sets the bail at $2 million.

Lisa doesn’t have to think kind of money, so Mickey advises her to pay for bail bonds which require her to pay $200,000. It is still a huge amount. However, a podcast producer, Henry Dahl, shows up at the right time with the money. He pays for the bonds in return for the rights to Lisa’s story. This is how she keeps herself from going to prison until the verdict comes out.

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