Who Attacked Mickey in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2? Theories

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Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ follows the story of Mickey Haller, a defense lawyer who has a love for Lincolns and primarily works out of the car. Mickey makes a name for himself when he takes the case of Trevor Elliot and acquits him of the murder of his wife and her lover, even when all evidence is stacked against him. The challenging case proved that Mickey is the kind of lawyer ready to go to any lengths to save his clients. However, it also means that he has to get to the bottom of the truth, which often lands him in trouble.

In the first season, Mickey is ambushed by a mysterious man who almost beats him to death. Due to Mickey’s good luck and quick action on the part of the police, Mickey is saved, and the man dies. Everyone is a bit rattled by this event, but then, it turns out that trouble will always lurk around Mickey. At the beginning of Season 2, we find him getting beaten up in a parking lot by two men. Who are these men, and why did they attack Mickey? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Who Attacked Mickey?

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Being a defense lawyer means getting into bed with people who may or may not have committed violent crimes. When Mickey saves someone from prison, he is often thanked, and as a gesture of gratitude, his clients offer him his services should he ever need them. However, in saving his clients, Mickey is also bound to get into the crosshairs with the people who don’t want him looking into their business, which means he has to be ready for strange men in isolated places ambushing and attacking him.

In the second season, Mickey becomes the lawyer of Lisa Trammell, a chef he met only days before she was accused of murder. Lisa’s restaurant is next to a construction site where a new project is being built by Mitchell Bondurant. Lisa led a protest against him, with several other community members who didn’t want Bondurant coming into their neighborhood and gentrifying it to pocket a boatload of money.

During one of the protests, Lisa hit Bondurant, who issued a restraining order against her. Soon after, Bondurant is killed, and Lisa becomes the prime suspect. She claims innocence in the matter, even though she admits that she hated Bondurant and sometimes felt like killing him. Because the prosecution has built a solid case against her by bringing circumstantial as well as undeniable evidence, the only way that Mickey can get her acquitted is by proving someone else killed Bondurant.

After looking at Bondurant’s finances, Haller’s team discovers that he had been bleeding money from his projects and sustained a loss of $200 million the previous year. One of the primary reasons behind it was an unfinished building which always seemed to fall into one issue or another due to which work was halted and couldn’t be completed. Haller deduces that for someone who lost so much money, Bondurant must have been in debt to many people, any of whom could have murdered him.

Scouring through Bondurant’s emails, Mickey discovers one sent from Bondurant to a man named Alex. It turns out that Alex Grant was involved in the construction of the unfinished building, for which Bondurant already owed millions. And yet, Bondurant asked Alex for more money, threatening to go to the Feds if his requirements were not met. Mickey is confused by this threat until Cisco reveals that Alex Grant is actually Alex Kazania and has ties to the Armenian crime family.

It’s clear that Bondurant had something on Alex, which gives the latter the motive to kill the victim. Now that there is another suspect, Mickey plans to use this information in the trial to save Lisa. It might work out well for his client, but exposing a mob boss’s son who has gone to great lengths to keep his surname a secret does not bode well for the lawyer. Alex might have sent the two thugs who corner Mickey and beat him in the parking lot to send a warning or teach him a lesson.

Lisa’s trial is discussed over the news, and with Henry Dahl in the mix, a TV series about it is also put in the works. This means a lot of exposure, and connection with such a case is not profitable for someone who wants to be discreet and lives in the shadows. Hence, the thugs and the beatdown. This shows how dangerous this trial is turning out to be. They might let Mickey go with a beating for now, but if he doesn’t stop poking into their business, the criminals might threaten his family and friends.

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