Is Luxe for Less Scripted or Real?

Hosted by Michel Smith Boyd, HGTV’s ‘Luxe for Less’ is a popular home improvement series that follows Michel’s team as they cater to the need of their clients. No matter the budget, the renovators are always ready to give it their all and wow the homeowners as well as the viewers at home. Each episode primarily focuses on one client who explains their wants and budget and puts their trust in this particular team of experts. Needless to say, the end results are nothing short of stunning. However, many at home just cannot help but wonder how much of the series is legitimate and if anything is scripted. Luckily, we are here to explore the same and give you the answers you need!

Is Luxe for Less Scripted?

No, we do not believe that HGTV’s ‘Luxe for Less’ is scripted. The series follows seemingly legitimate home improvement projects that are undertaken not just by Michel but his equally talented colleagues. Kai Williamson, Anthony Elle, and Laura Green work alongside him to ensure that no single detail is overlooked and that the client gets the luxury they desire despite their seemingly tight budget. In fact, this particular type of work is something that Michel feels quite strongly about.

“Luxury is experiential, and all of the senses have to come into play,” Michel shared. “If I want a massive island with a waterfall edge, taking them to see that is stronger than showing them a sketch. They get to get outside of their world and get into their imagination, which is really, really fun. I want money spent on what you can touch. The surfaces you come in contact with the most — like countertops or a sofa — is where you want money.”

In fact, each project Michel takes up means much to him as he tries to ensure that he leaves no stone unturned in providing the best possible results. “I experience those nerves the same way the client does because I want to do as good a job as they are hoping that I do,” he explained. “I’m always super grateful for the opportunity to do my job. Design is a luxury profession, and it’s a luxury to hire a designer, so to pick me out of everyone is a big deal.”

As expected from any real-life project, the renovators often come across unexpected obstacles that are sure to throw anyone off the track. However, such situations not only serve to build up our anticipation for the final results but also allow viewers to understand just how truly talented the show’s experts are when it comes to everything related to construction and makeovers. Most of the featured homeowners are often happy with the end results and are always pleased to commend the work done.

Overall, we believe that ‘Luxe for Less’ provides viewers an invaluable insight into how one does not need to compromise on their vision for their house simply because of budget. With the help of a talented team, luxury can be achieved at prices that one might not expect. Not only does the show allow viewers to keep believing in their own dreams, but it also gives viewers some fantastic tips and tricks that they can use in their own lives.

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