Is Lym Paralyzed? Is Christina Chang Leaving The Good Doctor?

The fifth season of ABC’s medical series ‘The Good Doctor’ ends with Dr. Audrey Lim getting stabbed by Owen, the ex-partner of Nurse Villanueva. While Dr. Shaun Murphy and Lea celebrate their matrimonial union, Owen stabs Villanueva and Lim, who encounter the nearly-dead nurse on her way to the breakroom. In the sixth season premiere, Lim is found by Shaun, Lea, and Dr. Jordan Allen and they are eventually joined by Dr. Aaron Glassman and Dr. Marcus Andrews.

The group of doctors try their best to save Lim from death and succeed in doing the same but only to confront startling consequences. Intrigued by the same, we have found out whether the developments are linked to Christina Chang’s possible departure from the show. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Chang’s future in the medical drama! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Lim Paralyzed?

Yes, Lim is paralyzed. After stabbing Villanueva and Lim, Owen creates havoc in the hospital, forcing a shutdown. Shaun gets increasingly worried about Lim and he rushes to the break room, only to find her unconscious with an enormous loss of blood. Glassman and Andrews arrive at the scene in no time and they all prep for an emergency operation. Glassman instructs Shaun to cut a large piece of Lim’s liver to save her but Shaun follows his own instincts and understandings to do another procedure that doesn’t require the same. Lim survives but her condition quickly deteriorates as her heart rate lowers.

Shaun finds out the issue but a bypass surgery becomes necessary. Meanwhile, Owen gets shot by the SWAT team, which forces Andrews to give the bypass machine for Owen’s surgery. He asks Shaun to do a risky procedure to save Lim. Even though he suffers a terrible episode of intrusive thoughts about his brother Steve’s death, Shaun regains his composure and completes the procedure. Lim wakes up the next day but she fails to move her leg. Shaun informs her that she is paralyzed, possibly as a repercussion of the heart procedure. So, does that mean Lim will put an end to her career as a surgeon at St. Bonaventure? Is her paralysis a window for Christina Chang to leave the show? Let’s find out!

Is Christina Chang Leaving The Good Doctor?

As of now, neither ABC nor Christina Chang has announced the actress’ departure from ‘The Good Doctor.’ In addition, the challenges Lim faces can be narrative developments to increase tension and drama in the character’s storyline rather than an indication of Chang’s supposed departure. According to developer David Shore, the challenges Lim faces makes her storyline significant without necessarily meaning that Chang is leaving the show. “As writers, we want to make sure that each story is significant. That’s not saying that we’re going to lose her [Christina Chang]. We love her. But there are challenges up ahead,” Shore told TVLine.

Lim’s paralysis is expected to be an integral part of the sixth season storyline as she may fight the same to rise above the obstacles that challenge her. “She [Lim] is such a strong character, and challenging her physically seems very interesting. […] We’re all confronted with various challenges in life. How we respond to them is the true test of our character,” Shore added to TVLine. Shore’s words indicate that we may see more of Chang’s Lim in the sixth season, displaying her resilience and determination to fight her paralysis. As far as her job at St. Bonaventure is concerned, we may not need to be alarmed as well.

Co-showrunner Liz Friedman confirmed in a recent interview that Lim returns to her job irrespective of her “long-term [disability].” According to Friedman, we may see how her paralysis will be at the center of her life, influencing the surgeon to make choices and decisions that are compatible with her limitations. Considering Shore and Friedman’s words, it is almost a surety that we will see Christina Chang continue featuring in ‘The Good Doctor’ as Lim may try her best to deal with the obstacles in front of her with the support of her admirable colleagues.

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