Is Malva Dead? Did Jessica Reynolds Leave Outlander?

In Starz’s historical series ‘Outlander’ season 6, Malva Christie is one of the new settlers in Fraser’s Ridge, who arrives with her family which includes Tom Christie and Allan Christie. She right away becomes Claire’s apprentice as she expresses her enthusiasm for the latter’s medical practices. In the sixth episode of season 6, she stuns her family, Jamie, Claire, and the entire settlement by revealing that Jamie is the father of her unborn child. The turn of events after Malva’s revelation must have alarmed the viewers, especially concerning the character’s fate and Jessica Reynolds’ commitment to the show. On that note, here’s everything you need to know about the same!

Is Malva Dead?

Yes, Malva is dead. In the sixth episode of season 6, Malva accuses Jamie of impregnating her while Claire was severely ill. Even though Jamie dismisses the accusation, Malva stands on her ground and says that she had consensual sex with him regularly. Malva’s revelation spreads like a fire in the Ridge. Young Ian meets Claire and says that he can be the father since he had sex with her. Roger, who witnessed Malva and Henderson having sex in the church, reveals the same to Claire, complicating the mystery behind Malva’s pregnancy.

After some days, Claire sees Malva coming to her house. She bolts the doors and inhales ether, only to lay in bed unconsciously to not talk to her. When her invention’s effect diminishes, she goes to the compound and sees Malva’s dead body, with her throat slit. Upon realizing that she is dead, Claire makes a cesarean section to save the baby, only to fail. Malva gets killed on her way to Claire’s house, possibly to reveal the identity of her baby’s father, motivating her murderer to kill her before he gets exposed.

Since Malva dies, admirers of the character and Jessica Reynolds must be wondering whether they have seen the last of the actress in the show. Let’s find out!

Did Jessica Reynolds Leave Outlander?

As of yet, neither Jessica Reynolds nor Starz has released a statement regarding the actress’ exit from ‘Outlander.’ Although Malva dies, the mystery behind her pregnancy, murder, and her real father is yet to unravel, leaving significant scope for the character to feature in flashback scenes. As the sixth season progresses to its final two episodes, we can look forward to seeing the unfolding of the truths concerning Malva’s unfortunate fate with the character likely continuing to feature in flashbacks. Claire’s dream of Malva in the sixth episode of season 6 also shows that Reynolds’ character may also feature in such dreams or visions.

Considering these possibilities, we believe that Jessica Reynolds is likely to appear in the rest of the sixth round of ‘Outlander.’ Having said that, we can expect the actress’ departure from the show ahead of the already-confirmed seventh season. Apart from a few mentions, Reynolds’ character Malva is not part of the narrative of Diana Gabaldon’s ‘An Echo in the Bone,’ the source novel of the show’s season 7. Thus, Reynolds’ appearance is most likely limited to the sixth installment of the show.

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