Is Marco Dead? Is Ivan Shaw Leaving The Cleaning Lady?

Developed for television by Miranda Kwok, ‘The Cleaning Lady’ is a crime drama series that follows Thony De La Rosa, formerly a doctor in a Manila best hospital, living in Las Vegas as an undocumented immigrant. Thony’s cleaning skills and medical knowledge bring her to the attention of mobster Arman, who recruits her as his designated cleaning lady. As a result, Thony works for the mob and cleans up gruesome murders.

In Thony’s story, her husband, Marco (Ivan Shaw), plays an important role, and their complicated relationship is explored as the narrative progresses. In the second premiere episode, Marco suffers a tragic fate, and viewers must wonder whether he survives. If you are looking for answers about Marco’s fate and actor Ivan Shaw’s future on ‘The Cleaning Lady,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens to Marco?

Marco De La Rosa is introduced in the series premiere episode of ‘The Cleaning Lady,’ titled ‘TNT.’ Marco is the brother of Fiona De La Rosa and the husband of series protagonist Thony De La Rosa. He is the father of Luca De La Rosa but is mostly absent from his son’s and wife’s lives. As a result, Fiona is more attached to Thony than her own brother. However, as the narrative progresses, he becomes involved in Luca’s life and learns the threats he faces because of Thony’s secret life.

In the season 1 finale, titled ‘The Crown,’ Marco attempts to leave Las Vegas and takes Luca with him. In the season 2 premiere, titled ‘Sins of the Father,’ Thony learns that Marco is taking Luca with him to the Philippines. With Garrett’s help, Thony stops Marco from boarding the flight, and he stays with Luca at a motel until he and Thony can resolve their issues. However, when Thony, Chris, and Fiona arrive at the motel to confront Marco, a physical altercation between Chris and Marco leads to an accident. Marco falls from the stairs and dies on the spot.

Ivan Shaw Has Most Likely Left The Cleaning Lady

In ‘The Cleaning Lady,’ actor Ivan Shaw essays the role of Marco De La Rosa and is credited as a recurring guest star in the show’s first and second seasons. Shaw rose to prominence with his performance as Henry Chin in the daytime soap opera ‘All My Children.’ The actor is known for his appearances in several hit shows, such as the western drama ‘That Dirty Black Bag’ and the comedy series ‘Casual.’ Shaw appears in nine episodes of ‘The Cleaning Lady.’ However, with his character’s demise in the season two premiere, the actor’s time on the show has certainly ended.

While the makers and Shaw have yet to comment publicly on the actor’s exit, it is unlikely that he will factor in future episodes. However, his death implicates the De La Roa family in another serious crime and expands the story in a new direction. As a result, the death of Shaw’s Marco serves as a catalyst in the story. The actor’s time on ‘The Cleaning Lady’ may have come to an end, but viewers can expect to see Shaw in the upcoming television series ‘Dear Edward.’ On the other hand, Thony and her story will continue to unfold in the second season of ‘The Cleaning Lady’ airing on Fox.

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