Is Marisa Ramirez’s Maria Baez Leaving Blue Bloods?

Fans were taken by surprise when speculations about Maria Baez’s (Marisa Ramirez) departure from ‘Blue Bloods’ began doing the rounds. Although quite integral to the show’s plot and a fan-favorite character, recent developments on ‘Blue Blood’ seems to hint at the detective’s exit, getting viewers worried. Besides, with Maria’s fate in the balance, fans have also questioned whether this means the end of the road for actress Marisa Ramirez. Well, with people clamoring for answers to their questions, we decided to jump in and find out the truth.

What Happened to Maria Baez?

A brilliant detective in the New York City Police Department, Maria Baez is brave and dependable. The show introduces her in season 3 as Danny Reagan’s partner, and over time, the two develop an incredible professional relationship that brings success to the whole force. Although quite upright and competent in following rules, Baez repeatedly proves how her loyalty lies ultimately with Danny as she follows him without question even when he works outside the box. Moreover, Baez is also a massive asset to the department as she often puts the lives of her colleagues and the success of the police force before her own safety.

Towards the middle of season 12, Maria Baez appears more and more disillusioned with her job as being a detective takes its toll on her health. Facing mistrust and opposition at every turn soon grows tiresome, and although Danny tries to talk her out of it, Baez appears to be certain about her decision to leave the force. Still, the show had an ace up its sleeve as in a shocking turn of events, Baez gets shot critically while assisting Danny in an investigation. Although she immediately receives proper medical care and is also stable by the end of the episode, the terrifying ordeal made fans question whether Maria is being written out of the show.

Is Marisa Ramirez Leaving Blue Bloods?

Although recent development hint otherwise, there is no evidence to suggest Marisa Ramirez’s exit from the series. For starters, although Marisa’s character is shot in season 12 episode 9, the show portrays her as being in a stable condition with zero threat to her life. Besides, Maria Baez is quite integral to the plotline, and the show still has a lot to explore in her story-arc, making such a sudden exit seem pretty implausible. Additionally, considering Baez’s popularity with the audience, such a shocking exit might affect the ratings negatively, a risk showrunners generally don’t want to take.

Interestingly, Marisa has made an appearance on season 12 episode 10 of the show, which takes place after her character is shot. Fans should also note that there has been no official announcement from either CBS or the actress about her speculated departure. Besides, Marisa also doesn’t seem to have any other production on her plate as of this moment, giving her plenty of time to focus on ‘Blue Bloods.’ Thus, with all evidence pointing towards the actress continuing her role, we can safely say that Marisa Ramirez will not be leaving ‘Blue Bloods’ anytime soon.

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