Mark Towle: The Gotham Garage Owner is a Taken Man

A favorite among car aficionados, Netflix’s ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’ follows a team of experts that restores and rebuilds classic cars to make a profit out of them. The crew comprises top-tier mechanics and engineers from the renowned Gotham Garage, which has built up quite a reputation by building outstanding props and custom cars for the entertainment industry. The group takes up one car per episode and tries their best to restore it to its former glory, albeit with a few modern reworks. The finished car is then sold for a significant profit.

Mark Towle is the owner of Gotham Garage. A true leader in every sense, he is a master engineer and is responsible for gathering the team we have grown to love over two seasons. With the show’s return with its fifth season, fans are curious to know more about Mark Towle’s personal life, so here’s all that we know about it.

Mark Towle’s Family and Early Life

Brought up by a single mother alongside three other siblings, Mark had quite a challenging childhood. The family often faced financial troubles, but they always made do with the little they had. The love, care, and values his mother instilled in him have remained with him even today. Growing up, Mark and his friend would often indulge in dumpster diving to find new toys to play with. He often took this opportunity to get broken toys and gadgets, which he would then fix. Thus, with the seeds of a mechanic being sowed early in his life, he was destined for great things.

Mark started his career by building props for the entertainment industry. His job also led him to construct several prop vehicles, which helped develop his passion for automobiles. With a dream in his mind, he went on to set up Gotham Garage, planning to use the platform as a means to take on personal projects. Soon his business began flourishing, and he found himself at the head of a successful organization.

This proud owner of Gotham Garage has since even featured in numerous online publications as well as television shows. Yet, even with so much fame attached to his name, Mark has never swayed too far away from his dreams and has undertaken quite a few passion projects through this garage. His dedication and hard work, coupled with his talent, has gone a long way in driving him towards enormous success.

Mark Towle’s Girlfriend

Mark is undoubtedly a highly private individual when it comes to his personal life. He has actually refrained from talking about his dating experiences in public and chooses to keep it under tight wraps. However, reports, as well as social media pictures, often link him with a beautiful woman named Kandace Nilos, who has posed with the mechanic on quite a few occassions and has even be spotted kissing him. Furthermore, his relationship status on his Facebook profile confirms that the two have been dating since at least 2019.

However, with no reports on the couple’s marriage and Mark not sharing any relationship updates on social media or otherwise, we can assume that the two are not married but are in a happy, healthy domestic relationship as of writing. With the brilliant mechanic now well on the way to greater success, we would like to wish him nothing but the very best in his future endeavors.

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