Is Mary J. Blige’s Monet Tejada Leaving Power Book II: Ghost?

Portrayed by Mary J. Bilge, Monet Stewart Tejada is an important character in ‘Power Book II: Ghost,’ the second entry in the ‘Power’ franchise. Initially, while her husband Lorenzo is incarcerated, Monet runs the drug business with the help of her three children: Cane, Dru, and Diana. Monet is secretly also the mother of Zeke, whom the world knows as her nephew. After Lorenzo’s release, he accidentally kills Zeke, thinking he was Mecca, Zeke’s father. In season 3, when Monet finds out about this, she uses Gordo, Dru’s love interest and distant cousin, to kill Lorenzo before using Dru to kill Gordo. If the events depicted in the third season finale have made you wonder whether Bilge is leaving ‘Power Book II: Ghost,’ we got you covered. SPOILER AHEAD.

Monet Tejada Was Shot While Protecting Diana

In the season 3 finale, Monet, ever the survivor, approaches Noma and convinces her to join forces. She subsequently becomes the boss of Tariq, Brayden, and her children. This was the only card left for her to play, and she played it. As Dru and Diana express their frustration over it, Cane doesn’t have much problem to start working with his mother again. They pay a visit to the Weston family and threaten them with dire consequences if they don’t give back their money, which is likely gone because of Lucas’ Ponzi scheme.

Monet confronts Tariq, accusing him of informing Diant that she killed Lorenzo. In response, Tariq claims that he had nothing to do with it and accuses her of letting Tommy know of his mother’s location. He believes that Monet found out where Tasha is from one of Saxe’s letters and then went to Tommy with that information. But Monet denies doing something like that.

Diana approaches Tariq with the prospect of him killing her mother, promising him that her family will not retaliate. She claims that she and her siblings want Monet to pay for her crimes. Tariq agrees and waits for Monet outside her home. Meanwhile, Monet and Diana converse in her car, with the former apologizing for how she treated the latter. Their candid moment is interrupted when someone shoots at the car while driving by. Tariq catches a glimpse of the driver and is stunned to realize it’s his mother.

Monet puts her body over Diana’s to protect her. She gets shot several times and is hospitalized. When Diana blames Tariq for the shooting, Cane declares he will kill him. It is then revealed that Diana and Dru came up with the plan to eliminate their mother together. They decided to use Tariq as a pawn, believing that Cane would kill him afterward and no one would know about their involvement. To incentivize Tariq, Diana put on a wig, visited Tommy’s mother, implied that she was Monet, and left Saxe’s letter to Monet with the older woman.

Mary J. Blige Future in Power Book II: Ghost is Uncertain

When the season ends, Monet’s condition is critical after getting shot, with many believing she will not survive. The ‘power’ universe is violent, unpredictable, and unforgiving. In the same episode, Cane also gets shot. At least one of these two characters will likely die at the start of the fourth season. Monet’s death will make things uncomplicated for her children, allowing them to focus on their war with Brayden and Tariq. But that will not have as big of a narrative impact as Cane’s death. If Monet survives and Cane dies, she will lose the person who enforces her will and has to rely on two people who tried to have her killed. Reflecting on her character’s mentality at the start of the season, Blige told TVLine, “She lost her baby [referring to Zeke]. They were reconciled, almost… and then he gets killed.”

The actress continued, “She also lost that exit strategy, which was him, because she doesn’t want to be in the game anymore. And now, she doesn’t have either.” Losing Zeke has made Monet desperate for power, as she knows that’s the only viable currency in her world. To sum it up, although her survival makes more narrative sense, we can’t entirely rule out her death and Blige’s departure from the show early in the fourth season.

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