Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Finale Recap: Will Cane and Monet Die?

Created by Courtney A. Kemp, ‘Power Book Ii: Ghost’ is the second entry in Starz’s ‘Power’ franchise. The plot revolves around Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), the son of James St. Patrick or Ghost. After Tariq killed his father, his mother, Tasha (Naturi Naughton), so Tariq can have a normal life. But as Tariq soon discovers, no matter where he is, he can’t escape his father’s legacy.

In season 3 episode 10, titled ‘Divided We Stand,’ Tariq reluctantly works with the people who have previously betrayed him in order to escape the clutches of law and the dangerous drug lords swarming New York. People around him make plans in the pursuit of power, wealth, and revenge, and if Tariq isn’t careful, he risks the chance of becoming a pawn, or worse, a casualty, in their games. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ season 3 finale. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

The season 3 finale begins with shots of every major character in the show — from Lauren to Tariq to Effie to Diana to Monet to Cane. Tariq and Brayden meet at the hospital and plan for the immediate future. With Tasha missing, Tariq’s priority is finding her. He has also concluded that Monet found out about Tasha’s whereabouts from Saxe before letting Tommy know about it.

Meanwhile, Monet visits Noma to make an offer that the other woman can’t refuse under the circumstances. The next time the Tejada siblings, Tariq, and Brayden come to see their boss, they find Monet is waiting for them. Ever the survivor, Monet has played the only card she had left and decided to work under Noma. She takes Tariq aside to threaten him because she believes that he told the truth about Lorenzo to Diana, but Tariq claims that he has no idea about this and accuses her of informing Tommy about his mother’s location. However, Monet asserts that she has nothing to do with that.

Believing that she is lying, Tariq visits Tommy’s mother to force her to reveal the whereabouts of her son, but the woman seems to see through his threats. But she does inform him that a woman named Monet dropped by with a letter for Tommy. Now sure that Monet targeted his mother, Tariq begins to prepare for the inevitable wart. Eventually, he finds Tommy, who reveals that he and Tasha patched things up between them. As we speculated, it was Tasha who knocked Tariq out to stop him from shooting Tommy. She no longer wants to lose her loved ones to the inherent violence of the world of crime, and that includes Tommy. Tariq asks for Tommy’s help in the war, but the latter refuses, pointing out that he is dead in New York. Before leaving, he advises Tariq against the war.

However, it is a bit too late for that as other people with vested interests make their move. Since pushing his uncle off the balcony, Brayden hasn’t been himself. He nearly attacks Keke when she brings up Lucas’ death. One evening, Monet and Cane come to his house to demand their money back. They leave with a Monet painting, and a family heirloom timepiece, but not before terrifying the Westons with the promise of violence and death if they don’t return all of Tejada’s money. Meanwhile, Lauren figures out that Tariq had something to do with Saxe’s death. She later visits Effie in jail and recognizes the other young woman for what she is: Evil. Ultimately, Lauren recants her statement, which leads to Effie’s release. As for Rashad, he wins the election but loses Harper forever after she finds out that he is as corrupted as ever.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10: Ending: Will Cane and Monet Die?

Monet and Cane get shot in two different incidents in the season 3 finale. Diana approaches Tariq and convinces to kill her mother by promising him that there will be no retaliation from her family7. As Diana lost her father to Monet’s scheming, Tariq believes her and waits outside the Tejada home to shoot the older home. However, as Tariq watches, his mother passes by and shoots Monet.

Cane gets shot in the climactic scene of the season. Tariq is cornered at Monet’s hideout. Effie and Diana have betrayed him. As Cane points his gun at him, Tariq prepares to face death with remarkable calmness. However, Brayden, even though he earlier told Tariq that he is out of the business for good, arrives to save his best friend. He starts shooting, and one of those bullets hits Cane. After they succeed in leaving, Brayden explains that Obi called him to let him know that Tariq was in danger. Tariq came through for the man with the green cards, and this was his way of paying him back.

Although Cane gets shot, he manages to get up and return fire. Monet is currently in a coma. At least one of these characters will most likely die in the season 4 premiere. If it’s Monet, it effectively takes care of things for Diana and Dru. But it will probably be Cane, as it will open up the Tejada family part of the narrative, making Monet to work with her two children who tried to kill her. In season 4, there will be war with Tariq and Brayden on one corner, and Noma, the remaining Tejada siblings, Effie, and probably Monet on the other.

Who Informed Tommy about Tasha? Is it Monet?

Monet wasn’t the one who informed Tommy about Tasha’s location. After what happened to Lorenzo, Dru and Diana realized that their mother could take them out anytime she wished. So, they decided to kill her first. As they needed to cover tracks, they decided to use Tariq. They knew that Cane would kill Tariq after he was led to believe that he (Tariq) killed their mother. Diana took the letter Saxe sent to Monet, put on a wig, and visited the house of Tommy’s mother. She gave the older woman the letter and stated that it was from Monet. Diana was supposed to keep[ Tariq at the spot until Cane arrived and kill him. The plan would have worked if Tasha didn’t feel that it was her responsibility to kill Monet.

What is in the Pen Drive that Saxe Send?

With Lauren recanting her statement, and presumably leaving New York with her family, the Fed’s case falls apart. Afterward, Junior’s mother visits him. Learning about the case, she assures her son that things will be alright; he is very young after all. She has also come to hand over the envelope that Saxe sent for Junior. Inside the envelope, there is a pen drive. Before Junior figures out what is on it, the narrative moves away from him. Given how each of Saxe’s letters causes quite a stir, it’s safe to assume that the pen drive contains sensitive information about other characters, presumably including Tariq.

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