Is Match Me Abroad Scripted or Real?

TLC’s ‘Match Me Abroad’ is a reality show about love and heartbreak that works across international borders. Featuring talented matchmakers, the series gives the participants a chance to take advantage of the opportunity provided and find their perfect match outside the US. The task itself is far from easy and cultural differences are a hard hurdle to cross.

Nevertheless, when it comes to true love, few things can truly stand in your way, and the show certainly proves that. Despite its entertaining set of events, many of the viewers cannot help but wonder just how much of the show is as legitimate as shown. Well, we are here to explore the same and tell you about our findings.

Is Match Me Abroad Scripted?

No, we do not believe that ‘Match Me Abroad’ is scripted. The matchmakers shown in the series have taken up the task of giving their clients a chance at love do seem quite adept at what they are doing and are professionally involved in the field of matchmaking in more ways than one, including setting up weddings and helping people understand themselves in order to know what they want from a potential partner.

One of the most captivating parts of the show is the international travels that the romantic hopefuls undertake in order to find their international love. If nothing else, these trips do seem to be honest, with many of the participants closed ones talking about the same. When the trailers for season 1 were released, Yvette Givens, a friend of Harold Davis II, commented, “I can’t wait to see it, Harold! I remember Covid testing you before you went flying out there!” This statement, in particular, referred to the reality TV star’s trip abroad.

The show itself sheds light on many realistic issues that seem more than genuine for a person to have when it comes to relationships. While each one of the participants seems to have a unique reason to be a part of the show, they are points that the general public can easily understand. Whether it’s becoming tired of the prevalent dating culture in one’s home country or wanting to connect to your forgotten roots, love needs a few reasons to be sought for. Even Harold’s desire to have a prenup before even meeting one’s partner was seen as a practical choice though it did raise some eyebrows.

One other major reason why we believe the TLC show to be legitimate is the positive attitude of the cast members. While it is not often that reality TV stars badmouth the shows that they take part in, the enthusiasm shown by the participants of the international dating show indicates that they at least had a good time while on the show, even if they may or may not have found what they are looking for. After all, being a part of a show like this is as much about the journey as it is about the end goal.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why we believe that ‘Match Me Abroad’ is not scripted. The positive words of the cast members and the support shown by their friends indicate a fulfilling experience. Though we are sure that the viewers do not get to see each and every moment of this experience due to time constraints and editing, it does seem like what we are presented with is an accurate depiction of real-life events.

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