Match Me Abroad: All Filming Locations of the Show

Let’s talk about TLC’s ‘Match Abroad,’ a show that transcends international borders to truly present viewers with what love without any restrictions might look like. With some highly skilled matchmakers on board, the participating singles get to enjoy a trip that they will never forget as they seek love outside their home country and put their faith in fate and the cupid-like abilities of the resident experts.

Though the love and drama that the show is full of are certainly some of its most captivating features, the picturesque beauty of the reality show is also hard to miss. Set in locations across the world, the series is meant for those who truly enjoy learning about cultures across the world. If you are curious just where the show production of the series takes place, we have you covered!

Match Me Abroad: Where Was it Filmed?

The filming of ‘Match Me Abroad’ primarily takes place in the countries of Colombia, the Czech Republic, and Morocco. Though the three locations are quite different from each other, they are also home to the featured matchmakers who have welcomed the singles in their home country in order to help them in their quest to find love. Let’s explore the production spots together, shall we?


One of the most prominent places where the shooting of ‘Match Me Abroad’ takes place is the beautiful country of Colombia. The Latin American nation is home to Juan Manuel Niño, who is one of the show’s resident matchmakers and is quite knowledgeable about Colombia’s dating culture. In season 1 of the show, Susan Boasi and Nathaly travel to the country to find their potential match.

They believed that their dream partner just might be living in Colombia. Apart from the capital city of Bogotá, there are several other locations within this beautiful country that we get to see in the backdrop of the various love stories featured in the show.

Czech Republic

Home to matchmaker Katarína Němcová, the captivating nation of the Czech Republic, AKA Czechia, is another major location where the production of ‘Match Me Abroad’ takes place. Given the rich history and culture of the European country, it is no wonder that many people would consider this place to be the one for them when looking for their happily ever after. Season 1’s Harold David II and Michelle Johnson certainly seemed to agree with the sentiment as they availed Katarína’s services to find love. Of course, the city of Prague was one of the most seen places in the show as it is Katarína’s home.


‘Match Me Abroad’ is also produced in Morocco, a place known for its culture, history, and cuisine. Located in North Africa, the country has coasts on the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Mediterranean Sea, allowing it to be truly a place of serenity and beauty. Matchmaker Nina Kharoufeh certainly takes pride in her home country and is always eager to see how people from other countries adapt to their native culture. Participants from season 1 that visited the country include Stanika Banks and Mark.

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