Nina Kharoufeh From Match me Abroad: All We Know About Her

Image Credits: TLC

Riddled with the countless choices that lie at the swipe of a thumb, dating apps have become more precarious by the moment. Barring a few, a number of people find it difficult to locate their true love on these apps. In a feat to undo the dating difficulties that haunt seven singles, TLC’s ‘Match Me Abroad’ follows three renowned international matchmakers finding the right match for seven singles. Familiar with the challenges that haunt the dating market, the three matchmakers use their wide network, expertise, and experience to match the seven singles with prospective partners.

Not just this, the reality television show also delves into the personal issues that prohibit these singles from finding their true love. Nina Kharoufeh is one of the three matchmakers whose expertise in ‘Match Me Abroad’ has made people curious. So, if you’re interested to find out more about the reality TV star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Arab-Muslim Ethnicity in Nina’s American Journey

Dividing her time between Morocco and the United States, matchmaker Nina Kharoufeh’s intersectional upbringing has aided her in honing her professional and personal growth. The entertainment star was brought up in New Jersey along with her sibling. Growing up in the States as a Palestinian and an Arab Muslim, Nina had to navigate a number of personal issues. Nina earned a Television and Digital media degree in Communications and Media Studies from Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Nina Kharoufeh’s Profession

After graduating from college, the reality TV star took to different forms of media to further elevate her career trajectory. In 2016, Nina started working at Sirius XM, one of Manhattan’s oldest American broadcasting corporations. As a Producer at Sirius XM, Nina’s work helped her accentuate her creative pursuits.

In 2018, Nina also started a position at Fox News, one of the most renowned news channels in the country, as a News Curator. While Nina continues to hold her roles as a journalist and producer, she has also delved into creating content. Nina is a standup comedian and has accrued a primary audience for her quirky and whimsical jokes in different corners of the world.

Not only does the reality star focus on the tribulations of American Muslims, but she also draws her content from personal experiences. Nina is also an amateur boxer and consistently posts about her progress as an athlete in the making. The entertainment star is also the author of ‘I’m Princess Too,’ a book that follows the life of a young Muslim girl encountering prejudice and her journey into overcoming such challenges.

While her numerous projects are just some of the things that contribute to her fascinating career, it is her role as a matchmaker that fans find most interesting. Nina believes in helping clients find a true connection that leads to love. Naturally, her excellence and wide network in matchmaking have enthralled viewers in ‘Match Me Abroad.’

Nina Kharoufeh Prefers to Keep Her Dating Life Private

While the matchmaker’s keen eye for love has helped countless find their life partners, Nina believes it is best to keep her own relationship under wraps. So, even though Nina Kharoufeh has managed to engross viewers with her skills and insightful ability to match two individuals, the reality star wishes to keep her personal affairs concealed from the public.

Moreover, the absence of a significant other on her social media leads us to believe that Nina Kharoufeh is single as of writing. Even so, the reality television star still takes out time to travel and enjoys other aspects of her life publicly. Nevertheless, we continue to wish Nina Kharoufeh professional and personal success for years to come.

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