Katarína Němcová From Match Me Abroad: All We Know About the Star

Despite the exhaustive strategies and means of communication created to facilitate true connection and love through the Internet, many still find themselves alone. TLC’s ‘Match Me Abroad’ follows the lives of seven Americans and their quest for the right one. With the expertise and experience of three international matchmakers, the reality television show follows the lives of seven singles in their quest for forevermore.

In addition to finding the right partner for their clients, matchmakers translate and even chaperone their clients on dates. Moreover, the matchmakers undertake serious conversations and try to understand what is it that’s stopping the singles from finding the right person. Katarína Němcová is one of three international matchmakers who has managed to engross viewers with her ken. So, if you want to find out more about the reality television star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Katarína Němcová’s Diverse Ethnic Roots

With a flamboyance to her style and matchmaking, Katarína Němcová’s gravitating persona has helped her carve a name for herself. The celebrity is originally from Prague, Czech Republic but divides her time between Munich, London, Dubai, Prague, and Moscow. From what we can tell, Katarína has at least one sibling whom she adores with all her heart. Despite her busy schedule, she takes time out to spend time with her family. Over the years, Katarína has ventured into different corners of the world for education.

From studying journalism in Denmark to graduating with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Journalism from Slovakia, the entertainment star has paid particular attention to her education. Katarína has also earned a certification in Event and Wedding Planning from QC Career School in Toronto and has even earned an MBA from National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan.

Katarína Němcová’s Profession

Katarína Němcová’s portfolio goes on to describe her multi-faceted approach to life and career. Katarína first started working as an HR Consultant at CVO Sales and Marketing Recruitment in Prague, where she focused on streamlining acquisition and recruitment. After her time in Prague, she jetted off to Taiwan and China, where she worked as an English and Chinese teacher and an editor for the Shanghai Business Review, respectively. Later, at the turn of the decade, Katarína moved to New York City and started working in events and management.

The matchmaker returned to Prague, Czech Republic, in 2014 and went from working as an Account Manager and a Marketing Coordinator to a Guest Relations Manager and even a Wellness Consultant. In 2019, she became the Hotel General Manager of The Centre of Transformation, a position she holds to this day. While she continued to establish her career in Communications, Marketing, Advertising, and Events, she also established her own business in 2014. Katarína established Find L’Amour in 2014 with the idea of helping people find their right match.

With a success rate of 80%, Katarína makes use of all her resources to ensure that her clients find a match unique to their backgrounds and interests. While her extensive network of contacts has helped her facilitate proper communication between prospective partners, it is her dedication to her role that has made her a maverick of the matchmaking industry, which is precisely what makes her one of a kind on ‘Match Me Abroad.’

Katarína and Husband John: A Tantric Teaching Duo

Katarína Němcová is married to John Hawken and even has a son. John Hawken is the owner of The Centre of Transformation, where Katarína works as the Hotel General Manager. In addition to running the premises in South Bohemia, Prague, the couple also organizes a number of events in their hotel for couples and singles.

In her quest to bring people together and find their forevermore, both Katarína and John Hawken teach their clients tantra in order to stay connected on a venereal level. In addition to their flourishing career, the couple also takes out time to travel and explore the world and spend time with their adorable grandkids. Naturally, we continue to wish Katarína success as a matchmaker and wish her the best professionally and personally.

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