Juan Manuel Niño From Match Me Abroad: All We Know About the Star

Vying to establish true communication among contestants, TLC’s ‘Match Me Abroad’ focuses on three international matchmakers putting their skills and experience to the test and finding seven Americans a chance at true love. As the expert matchmakers undertake the task of setting up the contestants with their match, they do not just chaperone the dates, translate and facilitate communication between the prospective partners but also help contestants navigate their deepest insecurities and inner issues that prevent them from seeking true love.

Juan Manuel Niño is one of the three international matchmakers on the reality television show who has managed to intrigue viewers with his magnetic personality and expertise in matchmaking. So, if you also want to learn more about the entertainment reality star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Juan Manuel Niño’s Early Years: Colombian Ethnicity & Upbringing

Juan Manuel Niño was born in Colombia in the northwestern part of South America. The matchmaker with a penchant for self-discovery and self-help had later moved to Boca Raton in Florida to study International Business. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Florida Atlantic University, Juan gained a number of professional licenses and certificates and has since expanded his multi-faceted career exponentially.

Juan Manuel Niño’s Profession

Juan’s experience in international business helped him carve a path for himself in the field. After working in the industry, he started his own venture in 2010 and became the founder and owner of Marz LLC in Florida. The matchmaker later returned to Bogota, Colombia, and monetized his creative pursuits. In 2014, Juan became the proprietor of Nino Gallery, an art gallery bustling with countless visitors throughout the year. In addition to his hands-on work in the art center, Juan’s interest in marketing and management led him to work on brand management again.

Juan serves as the Chief Executive Officer at the Digital Joint Agency in Colombia, an agency established to help enhance the brand image of medium and small businesses. While his experience in international business, brand management and even art has led him to create a multi-faceted career, it’s his unique role as a matchmaker that brought Juan to ‘Match Me Abroad.’ As the Chief Executive Officer at Relationship Coach Columbia, a consulting agency based in Atlantico, Colombia, Juan has helped set up countless couples together.

In addition to working as a matchmaker, Juan is also a self-help coach committed to helping his clients eclipse their inner woes and trepidations. What makes his service unique is his ability to bring his client’s inner thoughts and wisdom to the fore, allowing them to enjoy greater peace. Not just this, Juan also believes in exploring his clients’ thoughts and emotions and ensuring that they unlock their unlimited potential. Naturally, his approach to life and work has made him one of the most curious figures on ‘Match Me Abroad.’

Juan Manuel Niño Likes to Keep His Dating Life Private

While the matchmaker’s keen eye manages to facilitate his client’s emotional and personal growth, the life coach wishes to keep his private life and relationships under wraps and conceal his personal relationships from the public. Even so, Juan continues to excel in his work and dedicates an inspired amount of time and energy to fulfilling his different roles.

In addition to his flourishing career, Juan also likes to volunteer and travel. As for his personal life, as stated above, Juan Manuel Niño likes to maintain privacy regarding these matters. Moreover, the absence of a significant other makes us believe that the reality TV star is single as of writing. Nonetheless, we wish Juan Manuel Niño the best for his personal and professional growth over the years!

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