Is Mayor Tydell Ruffin Dead? Did Isaiah Washington Leave P-Valley?

Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ centers around The Pynk, a strip club located in the city of Chucalissa, Mississippi. In the first season of the show, the city’s mayor Tydell Ruffin joins hands with the Kyle brothers to build a casino and resort on the land where The Pynk is situated. Tydell plays a prominent part in the narrative as an antagonistic figure throughout the inaugural season. The second season, however, begins with a startling development that has disappointed the admirers of the character and actor Isaiah Washington. So, is Tydell dead? Did Washington leave the show? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Mayor Tydell Ruffin Dead?

Yes, Mayor Tydell Ruffin is dead. The first season of the series ends with the auction of The Pynk. Tydell joins his godson Andre Watkins on the behalf of the Kyle brothers to bid for the property. Even though Uncle Clifford and other workers of the club fear that they will lose the club, Hailey outbids the mayor and Andre using Montavius’ money and becomes the new owner of The Pynk. Still, Hailey and Clifford expect Tydell and his group to retaliate someway, only till hearing about Tydell’s death through the television news.

Tydell dies amid the Covid-19 pandemic, upon contracting the coronavirus disease. Even though Tydell dies, creator Katori Hall told EW that the mayor is “present without being physically present” in the second season. “I would say that Ruffin’s presence looms large over Chucalissa, looms large in Andre’s life, and it’s one of the reasons why Chucalissa feels like it’s going to become Andre’s new home,” she added to EW. Since Hall confirms that the character is not “physically present” in the season, the viewers may want to know whether Isaiah Washington had parted ways with the show. Let us share the answer.

Did Isaiah Washington Leave P-Valley?

Yes, Isaiah Washington did leave ‘P-Valley.’ In December 2021, Washington announced his departure from the show upon reportedly stating that he had been fired by Lionsgate, the studio that produces the series. As per reports, he was allegedly fired over certain political comments. However, Washington had recently shared that he is “good” with Starz, the network that airs the show, and Lionsgate. Katori Hall also clarified that the actor’s exit is due to creative reasons. “There are so many stories to tell with P-Valley, and every season we shift the story,” Hall told EW in the same interview.

Hall confirmed that Lionsgate had nothing to do with Washington’s exit. “Lionsgate had no say in how I wanted to write the show. They probably want more say! But they really supported me as a creator, as a writer, in terms of the stories I wanted to put out into the world,” the creator revealed to EW. “It’s unfortunate that that’s what he [Washington] thinks, but that’s definitely not the case,” Hall added regarding the actor’s initial statement that Lionsgate fired him.

Even though we may not see Washington again in ‘P-Valley,’ admirers of the actor can look forward to watching his performances in upcoming projects that include ‘James the Second,’ ‘Corsicana,’ and ‘Escape from Black Water.’ He is also making his feature directorial debut with ‘Corsicana.’

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