Is Melissa Brasier Married? Does She Have Kids?

Image Credits: @melbrasier (Instagram)

Melissa Braiser is one-third of a dynamic trio featured in Bravo TV’s show ‘Backyard Envy.’ She serves as the construction lead and has been working in the design field for more than a decade. Hailing from ‘The City of Lights’ aka Las Vegas, she began her career as a modern dancer and subsequently shifted her path to interior design. She went to school at the Fashion Institute of Technology to do so. Here is everything you need to know about her life!

Melissa Braiser’s Husband

Melissa Braiser is happily married to her husband, Mathew Jerrett, who is Australian. He is often seen photographing his wife and children. Although he is not a professional, if you were to visit his profile, you’d see his exceptional camera skills! His Instagram bio states that he is a creative director.

His photos, much like his wife’s interior designing skills, are anything but average. In 2017, during an interview with HuffPost, he discussed a project called “The Sleeping Ladies.” He explains, “It’s a right–of–passage as a parent to take photos of your kids and show people I think. It seems automatic. Something just happens when we become parents where we just like to take and share pics of them.” While this collection prominently featured their younger daughter, he also said that he had plans of uploading more photos of the elder one. 

Mathew Jarrett said that he loves portrait photographers like Jock Sturges, Bill Henson, and Annie Leibowitz. He draws heavy inspiration from their work and uses it to fuel his own creativity and art. This is quite evident in the photos he takes, which are contemporary in nature and make the subject (his family in this case) the star of the show.

In an interview with ‘The Closet,’ Melissa was asked who she would invite to a dinner party. She replied, “I would invite my husband. He travels for his work a lot and I never feel like we are in the same place at once.  A dinner party would be a nice date.”

While she does not believe in astrology, she did mention that both her husband and she are scorpions. Melissa also believes that her husband has great taste in music. 

Melissa Braiser’s Children

According to Bravo TV’s website, Melissa resides in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters. The younger one, whose full name is Rio Santa Lucia, is currently 4 years old. While speaking with ‘The Closet,’ she said that Lucia loves eating fries! Baby Lulu, as she is often called, features heavily on her Instagram profile as well.

The older daughter is Peony. However, Melissa is not her biological mother. She is Mathew’s daughter from a previous relationship, and in the interview with HuffPost, it is revealed that she lives with her mother.

It is heart-warming to hear Melissa say that if she could be a flower, she would choose to be a peony. “A Peony – that is my 9-year-old step-daughter’s name and because of that, all of my family identifies with that flower, like it’s our family symbol.”

To see some beautiful shots of the girls and the rest of the family, you can visit this Instagram profile.

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