Is MJ Pregnant in Rebelde? Will She Keep the Baby?

Image Credit: Mayra Ortiz/Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s Mexican Spanish-language teen show ‘Rebelde’ follows María José Sevilla AKA MJ’s relationship with Sebastián Langarica AKA Sebas when the latter goes through a hard time at Elite Way School. MJ extends her support to Sebas as he tries his best to overcome the hate of his fellow schoolmates. The relationship gradually leads them to share intimacy. However, the turn of events makes MJ worry about whether she will get pregnant. She shares her concern with Jana Gandía Cohen, who helps her deal with the same. Since the viewers must be sharing MJ’s worry, let us share what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is MJ Pregnant? Will She Keep the Baby?

No, MJ is not pregnant. Even though MJ gets together with Sebas, she wishes to take their relationship slow despite her boyfriend’s attempts to establish themselves as a couple at EWS. When he expresses his wish to share intimacy with her, she initially decides against it by creating excuses. Eventually, their bond becomes stronger, giving MJ the confidence to finally have sex with Sebas. While attending Estebán Torres AKA Estebán Colucci’s birthday party, MJ decides to take their relationship to the next level. She has sex with Sebas without any contraception. She believes that Sebas will take care of the matter as he assures her that there isn’t anything to worry about.

However, Sebas fails to “take care” of the situation as MJ wanted him to. The next day, MJ realizes that she can be pregnant. She arrives at crossroads since she doesn’t want to keep or abort her baby if she really gets pregnant. As far as Sebas is concerned, MJ becomes a matter of his past by the time of MJ’s realization as he comes to know that his girlfriend kissed Dixon Álvarez. As someone who has always found it hard to tolerate MJ’s companionship with Dixon, Sebas doesn’t think twice before breaking up with MJ despite the possibility of the latter getting pregnant with his child.

Sebas doesn’t have the compassion to worry about MJ’s position in the matter as he walks away from her life. As the father of her potential baby cuts his ties with her, MJ considers taking a morning-after pill so that she will not get pregnant. Still, MJ doesn’t dare to take it without much deliberation since she believes it is against her religion. As a pious catholic, MJ thinks that taking the pill is equal to “killing” her baby. She doesn’t want Christ to despise her and starts to have second thoughts about taking the pill. As she struggles to make a decision, Andrea Agosti AKA Andi and Jana help her make the same.

Image Credit: Mayra Ortiz/Netflix

Andi and Jana help her understand that using an emergency birth control pill is nowhere similar to abortion or killing her baby as she believes. Her two best friends’ words help MJ to objectively consider taking the pill. She must have realized that her God will not forsake her just because she prioritizes her future and well-being. She may have also considered how a baby will affect her potential career as a musician. Ultimately, MJ takes the pill while the finale of the music competition happens to ensure that she will not get pregnant.

MJ has fought a lot, including her parents’ rigid religious beliefs, to earn a place in EWS so that she can materialize her dream to be an established musician. She may not want to jeopardize the same by becoming a mother when she is not ready for it.

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