Rebelde Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Wins the Music Competition?

Image Credit: Mayra Ortiz/Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s Mexican Spanish-language teen show ‘Rebelde’ follows the lives of the students of Elite Way School (EWS), after the 2021 edition of The Battle of the Bands. A famed music producer named Gus Bauman becomes the new director of the prestigious MEP program at EWS. Bauman puts an end to The Battle of the Bands and creates a new solo artist competition.

Bauman’s arrival at the school changes the lives of the members of Without Name. The second season progresses through the changes they encounter and their efforts to deal with the same. Since the season ends with certain ambiguous developments, we have attempted to decode the same for our readers. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Rebelde Season 2 Recap

‘Rebelde’ season 2 begins with Gus Bauman taking charge of EWS’ MEP program. After terminating The Battle of the Bands competition, he introduces a new music competition for solo artists. He also offers to produce an EP of the winner for his new record label and reveals that he will present the winner at the upcoming Trend-Z awards. The members of Without Name try to save their band from falling apart but fail to do so as they start to focus on their individual efforts to win the competition. Bauman introduces several new assignments for the students to fulfill. Dixon Álvarez repeatedly questions the same and ends up expelled from the program.

A new student named Okane gets closer to Luka Colucci. He also strikes a secret deal with Bauman and starts to increase the availability of drugs on the school premises. To cope with her breakup with Emília Alo, Andrea Agosti AKA Andi starts to consume the drugs and gets addicted. When she overdoses, Celina Ferrer gets fired, which leads to Bauman’s reign of the school as the new principal. Estebán Torres AKA Estebán Colucci fights with his best friend Dixon since the former follows Bauman’s words to become the winner of the music competition. Sebastián Langarica AKA Sebas tries his best to be the winner of the competition to avoid his possible transfer to a business school.

Sebas dates María José Sevilla AKA MJ without knowing about the latter’s intricate companionship with Dixon. When he comes to know that MJ and Dixon had kissed, he breaks up with her despite her being worried about getting pregnant with his child. She takes a morning-after pill with the support of Jana Gandía Cohen. Jana and Dixon get into a car accident. After getting discharged from the hospital, Dixon confronts Bauman and demands a chance to perform at the finale of the music competition. In return for the opportunity, Dixon offers to leave the school if he doesn’t win the competition.

Luka and Okane find out that Bauman had been the reason behind his client Freddy’s drug addiction, which led the singer to suicide. While the finale of the music competition happens, Luka confronts Bauman and demands to ensure his stay at EWS as his father Marcelo Colucci arranges his admission to a military school in Texas. Even though Bauman doesn’t want to stand against the influential Marcelo, he fears Luka disclosing his involvement in Freddy’s death. To not let that happen, he pushes Luka from the roof of the school cafeteria. Luka gets admitted to a hospital under critical care.

Rebelde Season 2 Ending: Who Wins the Music Competition? Who Represents EWS at Trend-Z Awards?

Estebán wins the music competition and represents EWS at the Trend-Z awards. When Gus Bauman offers to launch the career of a solo artist, the students of EWS’ MEP program try their best to perfect their individual abilities. Their togetherness and bands become stories of the past as they seek individual success. In addition, each student has their reasons to become the winner. For Estebán, a contract with Bauman’s GB Records will help him become independent and financially stable. Sebas needs the contract to not waste his passion in a business school and Dixon needs the win to make a statement against Bauman’s tyranny.

Image Credit: Mayra Ortiz/Netflix

However, the winner of the competition is selected not as per the talent of the contestant but according to Bauman’s preference. Although Dixon performs better than any other contestant, Bauman chooses to ignore him since Dixon wages a war against him through his music. Awarding Dixon his own company’s contract is nothing but a defeat for Bauman and he doesn’t want to intentionally make himself a joke in front of his students. In addition, Dixon’s failure is also a way for Bauman to ensure the transfer of one of his biggest concerns.

As far as Sebas is concerned, Bauman knows that he is not valued by his own mother after the revelation that he was the leader of The Lodge. Bauman must have known that the future president of Mexico wants her son in a business school rather than becoming a singer, which may have led him to not stand in the way of her wish. That leaves Estebán, who is a Colucci. Launching Marcelo’s son is Bauman’s safest bet, especially considering the favors he can garner from Estebán’s father. Since Estebán sings well, he also doesn’t have to worry about presenting the student at the Trend-Z Awards.

Why Does Okane Get Arrested? How Does Estebán Get Released From Police Custody?

When Estebán realizes that Bauman is nothing but a murderer, having caused Freddy’s murder and one of his companions Luka’s near-death experience, he decides against performing at Trend-Z Awards and reveals that Bauman is a murderer on stage. He also tries to save Okane from Bauman but unintentionally causes Bauman’s death. The police arrive at the scene and arrest Estebán. However, Estebán becomes a free man by the time the graduation ceremony happens for his seniors. We get to see him among his friends, talking with Jana. In addition, the police arrive at the school and arrest Okane for murdering Bauman.

Estebán’s release from police custody and Okane’s arrest are Marcelo’s doing. Even though Marcelo has never recognized Estebán as his son, Luka’s life and the misfortunes that befall him make Marcelo realize that Luka will never be capable of following his pathway of life as a Colucci, leading him to prefer Estebán over his “legitimate son.” When Luka becomes a hopeless case altogether, Marcelo realizes that he needs someone ambitious enough to follow in his footsteps as a Colucci, making him recognize Estebán as his son. He uses his influence to ensure Estebán’s freedom and “gain” him as a son.

Okane’s arrest is the price Marcelo pays for Estebán’s freedom. Since Bauman is a very popular figure in the music industry and his death happens under mysterious circumstances, he cannot expect Estebán to walk away from the case without further noise. Okane’s arrest can be a distraction he has planned so that Estebán’s release from police custody will not get scrutinized further, especially when he is introduced to the public as a Colucci. Since Okane is an orphan, Marcelo doesn’t have to worry about anyone influential fighting for him as well.

Using his influence, Marcelo may help Okane to get released from police custody. Since there can be security footage of Bauman attacking Okane, Marcelo may succeed in creating a narrative that Okane unintentionally killed Bauman while defending himself.

Do Luka and Okane End Up Together?

Yes, Luka and Okane end up together. After a troubled start, Luka and Okane succeed in nurturing an endearing relationship. When Marcelo decides to send Luka to a military school in Texas, Okane even dreams of going to New York with Luka so that the latter will not get separated from him. However, their relationship gets threatened when Luka finds out that Okane had sold drugs to Andi for Bauman to become the principal of the school. He believes that Okane had used him for his secret deal with Bauman. Soon, he gets hospitalized, fighting to stay alive, after falling from the cafeteria roof due to Bauman.

Still, when he recovers, Luka gets back together with Okane. He must have come to know about Okane’s efforts to bring Bauman down, especially by collaborating with Luka’s friends. Since Okane has done enough to seek forgiveness by helping Andi and her gang to disclose the truth about Bauman, Luka seemingly forgives him and ends up together with him. Luka must have also come to know that it was Okane who had stayed at the hospital days and nights when he was fighting death, which may have also influenced him to give Okane a second chance to be with him.

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