Mónica Naranjo: The Spanish Singer Has Been Married Twice

Image Credit: Mónica Naranjo/Instagram

Spanish singer and performer Mónica Naranjo is one of the most popular and leading voices in the Spanish and Latin American music industry. Having released around 16 albums internationally, she is a highly sought-after artist who has also ventured and succeeded in other arenas like acting, composing, hosting, and music producing. Having a passion for music since age 4, Mónica cultivated it over the years and recorded her first album at 20 after emigrating to Mexico.

The iconic singer has given several hit solos in her career, including ‘Sola,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Entender el Amor,’ ‘Sobreviviré,’ etc. She has done quite some work in television, including hosting the Netflix reality series ‘Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia,’ a spin-off of the original show ‘Love Never Lies’ (‘Amor con fianza’), also hosted by her. The show follows six couples trying to figure out whether their connection is as solid as they think. Thus, with such a successful journey, fans must be curious to know more about Mónica, and we’ve covered just that!

Mónica Naranjo: Migration from Southern to Northern Spain

Born in May 1974 in Figueres, Spain, Mónica realized her love for music at age four and hasn’t stopped since. Her father, Francisco, was a construction worker, and her mother, Patricia, was a housewife, and she was the oldest daughter with two younger siblings, Raquel and Enrique. The family migrated from southern to northern Spain in the 1960s, whereas Mónica moved to Mexico in 1992. Sadly, she reportedly had a troubled childhood but has refrained from discussing it publicly.

However, music has been Mónica’s companion through all her good and bad times; she idolized Italian singer Mina. Around 14, she enrolled in music school and began learning to sing. Furthermore, Mónica was gifted a voice recorder at that time to use her creativity to compose songs and record them as her own. She signed a record deal with Sony Music in 1994 and recorded her debut album ‘Mónica Naranjo,’ which featured several hit songs. Interestingly, the singer shot to fame from her debut album itself and hasn’t looked back since.

Mónica Naranjo’s Ex-Husbands

Mónica Naranjo is highly private when it comes to her personal life. Albeit, it is known that she was first married to music composer and producer Cristóbal Sansano from 1998 to 2002. The duo was first introduced before she released her first album, and he was, in fact, her first producer. Moreover, Cristóbal was her manager, but the marriage lasted only four years, after which they divorced.

Mónica was then married to criminologist Óscar Tarruella from 2003 to 2018. This was a turbulent marriage for her, which she spoke about in her TV show ‘Sex and Mónica’ (‘Mónica y el Sexo’) in 2019. The couple was married for nearly 16 years before getting divorced, and they have a son named Aitor Tarruella. He works as a UX / UI Designer for Ubisoft Barcelona in Barcelona.

Is Mónica Naranjo Dating Anyone?

From what we can tell, Mónica is happily single and not dating anyone. She is focused on her professional endeavors and does not seem interested in anything else. Apart from the reality show, Mónica released her new single, ‘Lagrimas de un Angel,’ from the new album, ‘Mimétika,’ on November 4, 2022. As she juggles working as a host and promoting her new album, we wish her the best and more success in the future.

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