Is Moss Dead in Florida Man?

Image Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Florida Man’ follows the story of Mike Valentine, an ex-cop and a gambling addict who works for a gangster named Moss Yankov. Through his services, Mike is paying off his debt to Moss and gets the opportunity to clear a chunk of it when Moss’s girlfriend, Delly, goes missing. Mike finds her in Florida, where she reveals the location of a treasure that can change their lives.

The search for the gold keeps Mike so busy that he forgets to check in with Moss. Eventually, the gangster comes to Florida to see for himself what Mike has been up to. He demands a share when he finds out about the gold, but things don’t go as planned. If you want to find out what happens to Moss at the end of ‘Florida Man,’ we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Delly Shoots: Moss’s End

Image Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Moss Yankov sent Mike to find Delly, but it wasn’t until he met them in Florida that he realized they were having an affair. He also felt that Mike had betrayed him by lying to him about Delly’s death. He would have killed Mike earlier if it wasn’t for the gold. Delly tells Moss that Mike is the only one who knows the location of the gold, so they need to keep him alive until then. Delly also knows that once Moss finds the gold, he might turn on her and kill her for betraying him.

Mike tries to keep Moss away from his family, but when the gangster figures out where his sister lives, Mike knows that the only way to ensure his family’s safety is to kill Moss. He wants to do it himself, but his father has other ideas. He delegates the task to Ray-Ray and Buzz. They plan to lure Moss to the dock and kill him while Mike and Sonny go to the sinkhole and get the gold. However, their plans go awry when both Mike and Sonny are arrested.

Moss gets Mike out of prison and demands to be taken to the actual location this time. With Sonny in prison, Ray-Ray dead, and Iris in the hospital due to a gunshot wound, Mike has no one to cover for him. He takes Moss and Delly to the sinkhole where Ray-Ray and Buzz have already placed the gear. Mike notices the gear is wet but doesn’t make anything of it until much later. He gets the truck out of the water and negotiates his freedom with Moss. The gangster agrees to clear all his debts and let him go, but when they look inside the truck, there is no gold.

Image Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Because Mike is a gambler, Moss knew that the gold could be just another gamble for him, a fantasy he entertained, hoping would solve his problems. With no gold, Moss decides to kill Mike. A fight ensues between them, and Moss gets the upper hand. With the gun in his hand, he aims it at Mike, but before he can shoot, he is shot in the back of his head by Delly.

Delly had wanted to kill Moss ever since she discovered that he was the one who killed her father. Previously, she thought Moss’s father had killed him, who died before she could exact her revenge. When she met Moss, she decided to have a fresh start with Moss until the truth came out. Moss didn’t realize the connection between his victim and his girlfriend, so he was taken off guard when Delly ran away.

She tried to kill him in his sleep, but she couldn’t. So, she stole the drive with all of Moss’ crimes. It was her leverage if Moss ever came after her. If she ever wanted to get rid of him, she could give that drive to the cops and send him to prison for the rest of his life. However, when she loses the drive, that choice is taken away. So, when Moss is about to kill Mike, the man that she loves, she kills Moss.

Delly uses the gun Mike had stolen from Sheriff Ketcher, who was on vacation to Florida with his family. When Ketcher finds them, he demands his gun back. Mike tells him it is a murder weapon, so to tie up loose ends, they find the bullet that killed Moss and give it to Ketcher so he can dispose of it. The sheriff also helps Mike put Moss in the truck, which they sink into the hole. The next day, the city fills the hole with cement, which means that no one other than Delly, Mike, and Ketcher will ever find out where Moss is buried. The gangster is gone for good.

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