Is Naked Attraction Scripted or Real?

Shifting the paradigm of dating shows, ‘Naked Attraction’ features pickers who pick potential interests on the basis of their naked bodies. As the bodies of the prospective partners are gradually revealed, the picker gradually eliminates others and chooses the right person through successive rounds. The reality series has drawn several eyes since its inception in 2016. With an overwhelming premise that defies the normative, viewers have questioned whether the show retains any authenticity.

Is Naked Attraction Scripted?

As unique and bewildering ‘Naked Attraction’ may be, there has always been a question about its verity. Many are driven to infer that the show is scripted owing to its unprecedented premise. While other dating shows share a slow-paced structure where contestants connect emotionally and personally, ‘Naked Attraction’ does the exact opposite. The showrunners have instead devised a storyline where a clothed person is faced with six naked people and must ultimately choose their ideal date on the basis of bodily features. Since getting naked on national television comes with its set of risks and inhibitions, people wonder about the authenticity of the show.

Surprisingly, the series is not scripted. However, the contestants have been nudged to direct the filming process in a desired light. Former contestant Millie Norris opened up about the filming process in an interview with The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine. The reality star iterated that the showrunners are quick to fill in the gaps during the filming. For example, if the clothed person fails to point out a unique detail about the people in the pods, they are prompted by the producers to do so. She even said, “At one point, I complimented everyone’s body apart from one, so they stopped the show and said, ‘Can you make sure you talk about his penis.’”

Moreover, the nature of the dating show is also reflected in how the participants experience on set. In an interview with the Thought Catalog, a former participant on the show clarified that while the production house pays for the ticket and expenses for the contestants to reach Manchester and, consequently, the filming studio, not everyone is paid to be on the show. In fact, contestants only get paid £75 if they are on standby. However, if they manage to make it on the show, they are not paid. Interestingly, after the clothed person manages to single out their desired mate, the two individuals head out on a date. To facilitate this, the producers give £50 to each contestant to cover their part of the date.

Moreover, if the participants don’t spend it all, they are free to keep the rest, which is what Millie Norris did during her time on the show. What would make the show truly scripted is if the contestants knew their prospects beforehand. However, the producers follow strict measures to prevent this from happening. Since the episode culminates in the big reveal of the faces at the end, the crew members take major measures to prevent this from happening. A show representative explained that the contestants are chaperoned by members of the production team at all times.

The only time the potential dates and pickers are let out of sight is when they have to use the toilet or smoke a cigarette. Other than this, each contestant is accompanied by two members of the team throughout the day. Considering these factors, viewers need not doubt the veracity of ‘Naked Attraction.’ Despite its unique concept and unbridled setting, the showrunners try to represent the authentic reactions of the selectors and their potential dates. This means that the show falls under the reality meter.

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