Is Netflix’s Cheat Scripted or Real?

Netflix’s ‘Cheat’ is an exciting game show that brings together four contestants before pitting them against each other in a quiz. While the quiz has three rounds, the contestants are encouraged to cheat to progress. However, each cheated answer deducts an amount from the total prize pool, and the best cheat detector gets to eliminate a competitor at the end of each round. Eventually, the last one standing is declared the winner.

Apart from the usual accusation of scripting that every game show faces, fans have raised questions about the show’s authenticity as it literally gives out the answers to the contestants. Besides, one cannot be blamed for being suspicious of how the show is structured. Well, with viewers now eager to learn the truth, let’s find out if ‘Cheat’ is scripted or real, shall we?

Is Cheat Scripted?

From the beginning, Netflix has touted ‘Cheat’ as an unscripted reality show, and we find no reason to believe otherwise. It does adhere to all the rules of an unscripted reality show, and nothing about it appears to be pre-determined or pre-planned. That said, readers should note that the regulations governing unscripted shows state that the production team will not follow a specific script or rehearse a scene before acting out in front of the camera. On top of it, the rules also prevent them from having a say in the proceedings, as whatever we witness is done spontaneously at the time of filming.

When it comes to ‘Cheat,’ the show adds an extra layer of authenticity by choosing contestants from all walks of life. Though it is apparent that the participants get to appear on the show on merit, they are pretty frank about their personal lives, as the hosts introduce them by their professions. Additionally, some contestants even go so far as to share a snippet or experience from their lives to support their answers when others suspect them of cheating.

While the questions asked on ‘Cheat’ are pretty tough, there are times when contestants fail to come up with the correct answer, which stands as a testimony to the show’s unscripted nature. On top of it, not every cheating accusation is perfect, as more times than not, the participant is revealed to have come up with the answer themselves. Besides, even when it comes to elimination, the producers have no say in the matter, as the person with the most number of correct accusations gets to choose whom to send home.

Even though most evidence indicates an entirely authentic approach, we must remember that networks create reality shows intending to make money. Besides, networks and producers know that suspense and drama fetch many more views than remaining strictly unscripted. Hence, most production teams make minor edits to the narrative during post-production to make the show more attractive to the audience. This way, they get to protect the integrity while helping the network increase its profits. Nevertheless, keeping such edits aside, we can safely say that Netflix’s ‘Cheat’ remains true to its unscripted nature and is as authentic as a reality show can be.

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