Netflix’s Ex-Addicts Club: Is the Indonesian Show Rooted in Reality?

Netflix’s ‘Ex-Addicts Club‘ is an Indonesian romantic comedy show that revolves around Raysa, Tina, Asep, and Kori, who form a support group because they cannot move on from their ex-partners. But their journey toward truly moving on begins when Kevin joins their group. The lighthearted series, originally titled ‘Klub Kecanduan Mantan,’ is directed by Kuntz Agus, and even though it is humorous and funny for the most part, it tackles a serious issue that most youngsters face. If you can’t get enough of the club’s shenanigans in the comedy show and are eager to know whether their narratives are inspired by a true story, we’ve got you covered! 

Ex-Addicts Club is Fictional Yet Based on Realistic Themes

No, ‘Ex-Addicts Club’ is not based on a true story. However, the theme it is based on is quite realistic and experienced by most people, beautifully brought to light by writer Salman Aristo. Even though the situation is used for comic relief, the show portrays how sharing their feelings makes the individuals realize that they are not alone in their struggles. It features the concept of having a support group, a common idea among people who are addicts and are trying to recover by sharing their stories and finding a sense of community.

Image Credit: Netflix

This helps the addicts find emotional support and a newfound hope in life. As the group continues to meet regularly, they bond over shared problems and develop a friendship that becomes an essential source for overcoming their addictions. Throughout the series, several comedic moments shed light on their intrapersonal turmoil. Their interactions are often humorous and give the viewers an insight into their personalities, coping mechanisms, and difficulties.

Most importantly, it highlights the importance of community and seeking support in emotionally vulnerable moments. According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, breaking up with a romantic partner in early adulthood, i.e., between 20 and 25, can affect someone’s mental health and future relationships. It concludes that even though breaking up around the age of 22 can lead to a decline in mental health, having a good understanding of the breakup’s reason makes the decision far more sustainable and better for the individual in the long term.

Moreover, the findings remained consistent even after considering other factors that might affect mental health and relationships, like age, social skills, and gender. Another study that examined 1295 people between the ages of 18-35 for 20 months discovered that 36.5% had at least one breakup. It led to them feeling dissatisfied and feeling sorrow, but starting a new relationship improved their state of mind. Most often, young people miss the familiarity and routine of being in a relationship, and, many times, feelings for their ex-partner remain intact even after their connection is terminated.

Slowly, the individual comes to terms with the breakup, and in the process of doing so, they learn a lot about themselves and the experience of being romantically involved with someone. Yet another research by Psychology Today has proven using brain scans that the part of areas that light up while experiencing physical pain are also reactive when a person thinks about their ex-partner. However, the experiment has only been conducted on a small number of people and isn’t representative of the entire population. Needless to say, the data mentioned above showcases how breaking up is tough on people and often leaves them dejected.

In most cases, socializing and having new experiences can help overcome past feelings. ‘Ex-Addicts Club’ is like a warm hug for everyone who has been through heartbreak; it reassures the viewers that everything will eventually be fine. It does so by building great character arcs and relatable situations for its audience, so everyone can resonate with the show’s core message and find comfort while watching it. In conclusion, although ‘Ex-Addicts Club’ is not a true story, it encapsulates the reality of several people going through separation and turmoil. 

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