Is Netflix’s Outlast Scripted or Real?

Netflix’s ‘Outlast’ is one of the most brutal survival shows out there, which lets the general public understand just how dangerous natural elements can be for the unprepared. The challenges get more complicated as various survival experts try to work with their teams and outlast the others. However, only one winning team will take home the prize of $1 million.

Given the high stakes involved in the competition, it is no wonder that the fans eagerly cheer for their favorite contestants to emerge victorious. However, some cannot help but wonder if the show is as authentic as it seems or if the unfolding events are scripted. Luckily, we are here to explore the same and share what we know about the topic!

Is Outlast Scripted?

No, we do not believe that ‘Outlast’ is scripted. While it might be hard for some to firmly believe that the show’s cast is able to spend so many days in such harsh conditions, many survival experts out there will state that with enough preparedness and resourcefulness, the task is indeed doable. If anything, the show is meant to test these very points as the contestants try to forage for food and compete against each other for the limited resources available.

Those watching the show will likely be strongly reminded of the concept of ‘Hunger Games.’ Not unlike the characters from the hit dystopian series, the cast members try to form alliances while trying to sabotage others. After all, nobody can forget Justin Court raiding the base of Delta Camp in season 1, which led to several eliminations and an overall change in the dynamics between several groups. However, unlike the previously mentioned fictional show, the winners have to be a part of a team to win, as lone wolves have to either adapt or leave the challenge.

To a certain degree, we do see the cameras responsible for us being able to see just how things unfold. During several scenes set at night, we can also see the contestants holding the camera to document necessary events. It could be possible that the people behind the camera only record the events during the day when most of the action happens. After all, given that just freezing things can be at night, few participants risk leaving their shelter. In another scene in season 1, Dawn Nelson and Joel Hungate did try to use the camera set in their base to see the person responsible for stealing from them.

These points are essential to remember when watching the show to understand why things are happening as shown in the competition. Scripting a series in such extreme surroundings would be a task of high risk considering the unpredictability of nature. In season 1 alone, two of the most prominent participants had to be medically evacuated due to the taxing nature of the show. This is another indication that no matter the determination a person may have to win, the way the events might happen is extremely hard to predict.

Overall, ‘Outlast’ is a show meant to emphasize the brutality and beauty of nature and human resilience. The contestants utilize their survival skills and strategic mind to come up with the best ways to survive. Often the tactics may seem underhanded, but in the end, outlasting others and winning is the only thing on the participants’ minds. Predicting how the events will take place in such conditions is a nearly impossible task, hence why we believe the Netflix series is authentic.

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