Is Netflix’s Sexify Based on a True Story?

Revolving around Natalia and her unwavering thirst for success, ‘Sexify’ is a Polish sex comedy series on Netflix. The protagonist, Natalia, along with her two friends, Paulina and Monika, band together to make an app that will revolutionize female pleasure. However, the roadblock is that Natalia is a virgin and knows nothing about sex. The series follows her expedition to explore her sexuality and discover what she likes. It features Sandra Drzymalska, Aleksandra Skraba, and Maria Sobocińska in central roles.

Moreover, the 2021 show dives into Monika and Paulina’s individual efforts to navigate the issues in their respective lives. Piotr Domalewski, Kalina Alabrudzińska, Agata Gerc, Malgorzata Suwala, and Jan Kwieciński are the creators of the show. Furthermore, the show sheds light on various aspects of female friendships, career aspirations, and sexual pleasure. Such authentic storylines make viewers wonder how true is the story shown in ‘Sexify.’ Let’s find out.

Is Sexify a True Story?

No, the plot of ‘Sexify’ is not based on a true story. The series is conceptualized by Agata K. Koschmieder and Malgorzata Biedronska, and it is directed by Kalina Alabrudzinska and Piotr Domalewski. The story of Natalia, Paulina, and Monika is completely fictional even though it talks about very real issues and topics of the modern world.

However, the creators and the actors of the show employed intimacy consultants and sexologists to make intimate scenes appear more real. Poland, as a country, is not very open about sex and sexual practices. Their conservative approach toward the subject lets the creators be more sensitive while handling such scenes and storylines. Kalina Alabrudzińska said, “Because we, as creators, are also children of this shameful nation, and we were aware of our limitations in thinking about sex.”

Aspects like casual sex and premarital sex are also touched upon in the show. Paulina’s character is a devout Catholic who thinks she has sinned because she lives with her boyfriend before marriage and also has sex. Such authentic characters and their issues find adequate portrayal in the show, and it also furthers the question of the show being rooted in reality.

On the other hand, Monika is a spoiled brat who got everything she ever wanted in life. Consequently, her father gets tired of her careless attitude and decides to cut her off. This makes Monika realize the importance of being independent in her life. She is forced to stand on her own feet and make crucial life decisions.

Set in an educational setting, the show also depicts the reality of education and the taboo around sex in the country. More than that, the female orgasm is set at the heart of the show. The three protagonists decide to make an app that optimizes female pleasure. The app allows users and their partners to navigate the female body. It also enables women to achieve pleasure as per their desires and needs.

As an overarching theme, the complexity of love, relationships, and sex are featured extensively in the show ‘Sexify.’ Paulina has trouble communicating her needs to her fiance while Natalia is oblivious to the sexual activity altogether. Monika is aware of her desires and her body. However, she still faces some difficulties in achieving pleasure in bed. The three protagonists are at different stages of their lives and give us an insight into their personal dilemmas.

In conclusion, the show manages to deal with some very pertinent topics that vastly concern the modern youth of the world. From relationship troubles to sexual health, the show ensures that sufficient attention is given to all major themes and aspects. Despite the show being scripted as a work of fiction, ‘Sexify’ makes splendid use of authentic characters and realistic storylines to convey the reality of sensational matters.

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