Netflix’s Wave Makers: Is the Taiwanese Series Based on Real People?

Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Wave Makers’ is a riveting Taiwanese political drama series directed by Chun-Yang Lin. It follows Weng Wen-fang, who comes from a political family and joins the Justice Party as their deputy director. She also leads the publicity department as their spokesperson after they do not re-elect her as a council member. In all the political jargon and mayhem, Weng realizes she must put aside her values to win this game and accomplish her goals. As you watch the show, she quickly becomes a likable persona, and you begin to root for her. Hence, it makes you wonder if the character and other events are inspired by true incidents. If you resonate with that thought, here’s all you need to know!

Wave Makers: A Fictional Story with Realistic Political Themes

No, ‘Wave Makers’ is not based on a true story. Originally titled ‘Jen hsuan chih jen tsao lang che,’ the show is a work of fiction, but many themes and issues addressed by the creators are pretty realistic and depict the realities of modern-day politics. Weng Wen-fang is in a world where politics is a cutthroat business, and everyone is only concerned about themselves. Even though she is determined to become the ideal candidate and win the election, she comes across multiple challenges and drawbacks. Akin to most real-life political aspirants, many of these hurdles are rival campaigns, lack of trust, support, and internal friction.

As the show progresses, its central conflict transforms into a battle between two leading parties. Both seek a leader who can mold public opinion according to their will and bring ultimate power and control. It portrays how political alliances are developed and how someone’s ideologies can shift to serve their personal interest.

‘Wave Masters’ captures the essence of contemporary political play while being entertaining and engaging, keeping the audience invested from start to end. The characters are well-developed and complex, and each has a hidden agenda. Moreover, they are flawed, making them seem like real people, not just pretentious caricatures.

One of the Netflix show’s standout elements is the exploration of power dynamics between the two parties and the individual campaigns. It accurately showcases how these large political bodies usually act out of self-interest, and only a few might work for the greater good of people. The series also portrays the loss of one’s ethics, principles, and morals in the pursuit of power, which blinds most individuals.

At its core, the show is about assertiveness, ambition, and the extent to which one can go to outperform others and have things in their favor. The backdrop is of a heated election season, where the competition is quite fierce, and the stakes are high. The main character is enigmatic, like most persuasive and charming leaders are. But even while diving into the dark side of politics, it also highlights themes of hope and redemption. We watch the characters grapple with their moral compasses as they struggle to search for a way that could bring a positive change in their rigged system.

The face-off between the two parties is too real, where everyone’s partisanship and polarization are high. ‘House Of Cards’ is another political drama similar to ‘Wave Makers’ where Frank Underwood, a ruthless politician, chases his ambition. It also walks its viewers through control, corruption, and greed. Other shows that unravel such themes are ‘The West Wing,’ ‘Scandal,’ and ‘Madam Secretary.’

In conclusion, ‘Wave Makers’ is a compelling drama series that gives a complex yet fascinating look at today’s scenario. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as you decipher the intricate and complex alliances between people. There will be betrayal, tears, surprises, and everything one could hope for from an excellent political series.

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