Is Nineteen to Twenty Scripted or Real?

If you are looking for a sweet yet intriguing reality series, then Netflix’s ‘Nineteen to Twenty‘ might just be what you need. The South Korean show revolves around a group of teenagers who are 19 by the South Korean age system and will enter their 20s at the turn of the year. For their last days in their teens, the participants have to take lessons in a special “19 School” where they get to meet new people. After turning 20, they will move into the “20 House.” The show’s unique concept and heartwarming storylines have made it quite a fan favorite. That being said, some of the viewers cannot help but wonder if the show is as legitimate as it seems, and we are here to explore the same!

Is Nineteen to Twenty Scripted?

No, we do not believe that ‘Nineteen to Twenty’ is a scripted show. In fact, the project seems like a celebration meant for one of the most significant milestones in the life of any South Korean citizen as they enter adulthood. The participants of the show hail from different backgrounds, which are reflected in many of their actions on the show. While some of them are highly accomplished in specific fields, others are not far behind when it comes to chasing after their dreams.

One of the most intriguing parts of this particular show for international viewers might be how exactly the South Korean age system works. As it turns out, every individual in this Asian country is considered to be a year old when they are born. Each year, their official age increases by one, making January 1 quite a celebration within South Korea. The system can be confusing in some manners as, under the right circumstances, a 2-day-old baby could be considered 2-years-old through this process (for example, if a baby is born on December 31). Interestingly, the official usage of the South Korean age system stopped on June 28, 2023.

As for the events taking place within the show, it is interesting to note the varied interests among the cast members. For example, season 1’s Moon Se-yeon shared his status as an international Table Tennis player, which is easily verifiable. That being said, the main focus of the whole process is the developing bonds between teenagers. Though the “19 School” forbids the cast members from dating each other, the activities conducted do seem geared towards fostering connections between people of opposite genders.

That being said, the reactions of the participants certainly seem genuine and on-brand with what they shared about their background. For example, Lim Jung-yun was a student at an all-boys school, which makes it easy to see why he is hesitant when interacting with girls, especially those he finds himself romantically interested in, like Jeon Ji-woo. One refreshing part of the Netflix show is its lack of exaggerated drama, as everyone tries to co-exist peacefully, all the while hyping each other up.

Another key factor to keep in mind in regard to the Netflix show is its four hosts. Cho Kyu-hyun, Kim Ji-eun, Lee Su-hyun, and Jung Se-woon can be seen throughout the show reacting to the happenings within the “19 School” and the “20 House.” Their role as members of the audience certainly gives viewers a sense of camaraderie as they can join them in gushing over the developments taking place among the participants.

Taking into account the various elements that make the reality show what it is, we feel confident stating that the show is not scripted. While there is indeed a controlled environment for the participants, their interactions with each other seem pretty genuine. Additionally, ‘Nineteen to Twenty’ does not shy away from shedding light on awkward to heartwarming developments between the cast members, all the while making each and every day of their last year as a teenager count to the fullest.

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