Netflix’s Nineteen to Twenty: All Shooting Locations of the Korean Series

Netflix’s ‘Nineteen to Twenty’ is a South Korean romantic reality TV series that follows a group of youthful Generation Z sharing their last week of being teenagers and the first week of their twenties together. During their final week of being 19, the young adults attend “19 School,” where they learn various important and practical things about adult life as they prepare for adulthood.

Once they turn 20, they share the space in “20 House,” where there are no restrictions, and they are independent of their parents and teachers. So, as the individuals experience their last days as teens and the freedom of adulthood against some exciting backdrops, including a high school, the viewers are bound to ask questions about the filming sites of ‘Nineteen to Twenty.’ If you are one such curious soul, you might be interested in knowing what we have to share!

Nineteen to Twenty: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Nineteen to Twenty’ is filmed entirely in South Korea, especially in and around Seoul. Since the reality show is about young Korean adults looking to take the next step into adulthood, it makes sense that the production team shoots the series in South Korea. Now, let’s not waste time and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that appear in the Netflix series!

Seoul, South Korea

Almost all the pivotal sequences for ‘Nineteen to Twenty’ are lensed in the capital and largest metropolis of the Republic of Korea, Seoul, AKA the Seoul Special City. The production team primarily sets up camp in and around the vicinity of the Choong Ang High School at 164 Changdeokgung-gil in Seoul’s Jongno-gu. Several key scenes are recorded across the campus, both inside and outside, as the young adults interact with one another and share memorable moments.

While the Gothic-style early-20th-century buildings feature heavily in the exterior shots, the library, classrooms, and corridors appear quite regularly through each episode of the reality series. The Seoul Capital Area is famous for having five UNESCO World Heritage Sites — Changdeok Palace, Hwaseong Fortress, Jongmyo Shrine, Namhansanseong, and the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty.

Several other landmarks and attractions might feature in the Netflix series. Some are the 63 Building, the Lotte World Tower, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the N Seoul Tower, Lotte World, Trade Tower, COEX, IFC Seoul, and the Parc1. Regarding education in Seoul, compulsory education is from grade 1 to grade 9, with the students spending six years in elementary school, three years in middle school, and three years in high school. Interestingly, the city has numerous specialized schools, including six foreign language High Schools and three science high schools.

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