Is Noa Dead or Alive at the End of Fresh?

Mimi Cave’s thriller film ‘Fresh’ revolves around Noa, who encounters Steve as she navigates her life through several dating disappointments. They start to nurture a bond quickly as Steve presents himself differently from the men Noa usually comes across in her dating life. However, Noa’s life gets threatened when Steve comes out of his pretense to show his true nature to his “new victim.” The breathtaking film progresses through Noa’s attempts to save herself from her impending death as Steve’s ruthlessness becomes gradually evident to Noa. If you are curious about Noa’s fate and what happens to her at the end of the film, we have got you covered! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Noa Dead or Alive?

When Steve proposes a surprise trip to Noa, she agrees half-heartedly. Upon dismissing Mollie’s warnings, Noa and Steve start the journey, only for Steve to make a change in the trip. He informs her that they are going to spend the night at his house to restart the journey early morning to avoid traffic. Noa agrees, only to walk into Steve’s trap. She gets drugged and chained by Steve, who reveals to Noa that he is a human meat seller and she is his new victim. To a perplexed Noa, Steve says that she will soon die after he has gained what he can from her body.

After several attempts to resist Steve’s ruthlessness, Noa realizes that she should act wisely to avoid death. Rather than putting up a fight against Steve, Noa tries to defeat him with a play of pretense. She stays away from death by agreeing with Steve whenever he proposes something for her to do. Upon wearing the dress he gifts, Noa presents herself in front of Steve as someone who doesn’t despise him. When Steve serves human meat, she even eats it to convince him that she is changing to be compatible with him.

Noa’s brilliant act convinces Steve that she is trustworthy. He even starts to care less about handcuffing Noa, giving her a perfect chance to attack him to escape. After seducing him for a sensual night, Noa hurts him enough to lock him up. She frees Mollie and Penny and they try to escape from Steve and the death that awaited them. However, the hurt Noa inflicts on Steve turns out to be inadequate. Steve chases after them and tries his best to kill Noa and others.

Steve shoots randomly as Noa, Mollie, and Penny run away to the woods to save their lives. They hide behind trees to avoid getting caught and shot by Steve. Noa’s courageous fight against Steve to stay alive almost ends when he locates her to shoot at her. Fortunately, Mollie comes to her rescue and saves Noa. Mollie’s intervention allows Noa to obtain the gun and kill Steve. Still, Noa’s fight to stay alive continues when Ann comes across her. Ann overpowers Noa and tries to kill her by strangling her to death, only for Mollie to rescue her again. Mollie hits Ann with a spade and frees Noa from the hands of Ann and death.

At the end of the film, Noa stays alive, her life indebted to Mollie. Their admirable friendship saves each other from rotting to death at Steve’s butcher house. Since they receive network signals, Noa and Mollie may contact authorities or emergency services to escape from the compound with Penny.

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