Olivia Ogletree: Is Love in Fairhope Star Dating? Does She Have Kids?

Image Credit: Dan Anderson/Hulu

Hulu’s ‘Love in Fairhope’ takes a unique approach when telling real-life stories of five women who live in Fairhope, Alabama. Narrated by Heather Graham, the reality show is not just about the love lives of the cast members but also about the growth that they go through over the course of their on-screen journey. Take Olivia Ogletree, for example, whose love life may not have gotten exactly the way she wanted, but that did not stop her from finding happiness. However, that does not mean that fans are not eager to learn more about her personal life, and here is what we know about the same!

Olivia Ogletree’s Ex-Partners

In the Hulu show, Olivia Ogletree is seen dating Tori Mills, a former schoolmate. The latter confessed that she used to find Olivia a bit intimidating and was glad about having the opportunity to date her. For Olivia, it was a dream come true to be with a partner who liked her very much, adored her two children, and seemed to enjoy the same kind of activities as her. Indeed, it was not uncommon to see the two riding on horses and exploring Olivia’s family estate.

However, things started to fall apart between Olivia and Tori when the topic of children came up. While discussing the same, Tori confessed that she would like to have children of her own someday. This made Olivia wonder about the longevity of their relationship as she was a bit thrown by how her partner had worded the statement. When she later addressed the conversation, Olivia asked Tori if she had meant that she would like Olivia to carry Tori’s children because it did sound like that. She then went on to tell Tori that she did not want to have another child and was content with the family she had been able to create.

After much discussion, Olivia and Tori realized that their future plans when it came to family might not align. The latter approached Olivia on her doorstep and started the possible discussion of breaking up since they clearly wanted different things when it came to children. While Olivia understood why she and Tori had to separate, she still seemed heartbroken about the development. Apart from Tori, it seems like Olivia might have dated Lauren Bruce from 2019 to 2020.

Olivia Ogletree’s Kids

For Olivia Ogletree, having kids was a lifelong dream. While one generally hopes to enter the world of parenthood in the company of a willing partner, her own experience when it came to love was far from the best. However, Olivia decided that she would not wait for anyone to start the next and most awaited chapter of her life. Hence, she decided to be a single parent and welcomed her beautiful daughter, Delilah Ogletree, into the world in March 2014.

Not long after, in July 2015, Olivia gave birth to her second child and only son, Tate Ogletree. It is quite evident that the two children are very much loved by their mother, who strives to provide them with the best care. In the Hulu show, it is made evident that Olivia’s first priority will perhaps always be her children, no matter the situation. However, she also confesses in the show that she does not plan on having any more children and is quite content with her beautiful family.

Is Olivia Ogletree Dating Anyone?

As of writing, it does not seem like Olivia Ogletree is dating anyone. Given her recent break up with Tori Mills, it is possible that the reality TV star has decided to focus primarily on herself. If her recent acquisition of The Fairhope Inn is anything to go by, Olivia certainly seems to be doing well. As for her former partners, while she may have separated from them, it appears that Olivia is still on amicable terms with her, given that she still has posts featuring them on her social media. More than anything, Olivia is focused on her kids and spending as much time as possible with them. We wish her and her loved ones the best in life and hope that they have a wonderful future ahead.

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