Is Ploy Chermarn Dating Anyone? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Image Credit: Ploy Chermarn/Instagram

If there is one show that can indeed boast a star-studded cast, it is Max’s ‘Deane’s Dynasty.’ The reality series is set in Bangkok, Thailand, and features some of the most affluent Thai celebrities. This includes Laila Boonyasak, who is more popularly known as Ploy Chermarn and has been a part of the entertainment industry for nearly three decades. While her professional life has always been a subject of admiration by the public, many cannot help but also be curious about her personal life, specifically her prior and current relationships. So, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Ploy Chermarn’s Former Relationships

Given just how much fame Ploy Chermarn has accumulated over the years, her relationships have always been a subject of public interest. While she confessed in the Max show that she likes to keep her personal life as private as possible, that does not mean that she never reveals her significant connections to the public. In December 2011, she even shared a picture of her boyfriend at the time, which was well-received by the public.

In early 2020, it was reported that Ploy Chermarn had started dating a man named Alexander, who did not hail from Thailand but instead worked in Hong Kong, China. The couple had been in a relationship for about a year, and by the time Valentine’s Day came around in 2021, Ploy was once again single, something that she herself declared via social media. Sometime later, she started dating another woman, and while she did talk about her in the show with her friends, even there, she did not share much detail.

Well, we can easily share with you that Ploy was dating none other than the beautiful Atitaya Craig, who is well-known as Claudine. The two met while they were working on a project together, and, as described by Ploy in the Max series, Claudine had always been a massive fan of her co-star’s work. This soon started a romance between the two that caught the attention of the media, though many could not help but raise their eyes at the 17-year-age gap between the two.

Ploy’s relationship with Claudine also marked her coming out from the closet as she started to support the LGBTQ+ community more, firmly believing in the motto that “love is love.” Despite the close bond that the two women shared, they ended up breaking up after, according to reports, nearly a year of their relationship, though the timeline is the same. Given how Ploy herself had been relatively open about her relationship with Claudine, the breakup reports that started cropping up in March 2023 made many wonder about the reasons behind the separation.

Ploy Chermarn’s Partner

As of writing, Ploy Chermarn seems to be in a relationship with Tong Twopee. The man in question is a young rapper who has a huge fan following and is often called TheKid from “Southside.” Apart from the music industry, he is also an active actor, having even had a lead role of his own in a movie. As for his relationship with Ploy, the rumors of them being together around the same time as the public got to know about Ploy’s break up with Claudine Atitaya Craig.

Initially, the claims of Ploy’s relationship with Tong seemed to be only speculations, but the two have since become Instagram official. The couple certainly seems happy about their bond with each other, as evidenced by the recent video that Tong shared on the occasion of his girlfriend’s 41st birthday. In the post, the two can be seen celebrating the special day in a homely setting, with Ploy being giddy about her boyfriend’s sweet gesture. We wish them both the best in their lives and hope that they have a wonderful future ahead.

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