Is Rescued by Ruby’s Pat Inman Based on a Real Person? Where is She Now?

Netflix’s ‘Rescued by Ruby’ is a drama movie that tells the incredible true story of Rhode Island State Police Trooper Daniel O’Neil and his dog Ruby. The Katt Shea directorial chronicles Ruby’s emotional journey from being a rescue dog who is about to be euthanized at the shelter to one of the best officers in the state’s K-9 unit with her handler. Apart from Daniel’s resilient efforts to train her, the movie also introduces the audience to Pat Inman, a shelter volunteer who saves Ruby from being euthanized and recognizes her potential. Intrigued to know whether Pat is based on a real person? Let’s dive in and find out!

Is Pat Inman a Real Person?

Yes, the character of Pat Inman is based on a real person. Patricia Inman is a volunteer dog trainer at the Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA). She also manages her company LazyBones Dog Training in Chepachet, Rhode Island. Patricia specializes in working with aggressive or behaviorally challenged dogs and was one of the first people to take charge of Ruby. The Australian shepherd and border collie mix arrived at the East Providence shelter, where Patricia worked at barely 4-5 months of age.

Image Credit: American Humane/YouTube

Over time, Ruby was returned by five adoptive families due to her hyperactive and stubborn behavior. Though everyone gave up on her, Patricia refused to lose hope and fostered her each time she came back. She further trained Ruby to correct her behavioral patterns and concluded that she was not suited to be a family dog but rather needed to channel her boundless energy in another way.

Patricia felt that Ruby needed a focused job and a handler with determination; thus, she intervened several times when the plan of euthanizing her came up. Joseph Waryzcha, an investigator and Director of Operations at the RISPCA, agreed with Patricia’s opinion and saw Ruby’s potential. Seeing the lady’s dedication towards the canine, Joseph contacted his friend Matthew Zarrella, a Rhode Island State Police Trooper who was in charge of building the K-9 unit for the department.

Matthew majorly built the task force with rescued dogs, and Joseph and Patricia felt that Ruby would be a good fit for his team. Just two hours before she was to be put down, Matthew came and agreed to take her with him. He worked hard to train her and assigned her to Daniel, a recruit in the K-9 unit. The rest is history, as Daniel patiently trained Ruby to become one of the best search and rescue dogs in the unit.

Image Credit: TODAY/YouTube

However, life gave the sweetest reward to Patricia when in October 2017, her missing son was rescued by none other than Ruby and Daniel. The teenager had gone hiking near their home in Glocester when suddenly, he went missing for 36 hours. Ruby was sent on the search and rescue mission, and she efficiently scanned the vast woods to lead Daniel to the boy. They found and rescued him just in time, as he was seriously injured after falling into a ravine.

Patricia was not only relieved to get her son back but also overjoyed to see that it was Ruby who saved him. She and the sweet canine had a touching reunion after seven years, full of gratitude and love for each other. For her brave contributions, Ruby was titled ‘Search and Rescue Dog of the Year’ in 2018 by the American Humane Society. She has been serving in the state’s K-9 unit with her partner Daniel for 11 years now and has rescued numerous people.

Though Matthew and Daniel’s hard work played a major role in saving Ruby’s life, Patricia’s efforts and unwavering faith are equally important contributors to her beautiful present. The kind lady is an example of how compassion can create miracles and continues to work tirelessly with dogs even today.

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