Where Was Rescued by Ruby Filmed?

Image Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix

Katt Shea directed the dog movie ‘Rescued by Ruby’ with a compassionate lens. In the film, Dan dreams of becoming an elite K-9 trainer, but he remains an underdog, falling all over the place. So, his only chance is to convince his superior to let him handle a mischievous German Shepherd named Ruby. She likes to chew things, tear apart car seats, and steal food from houses. However, Dan thinks he can discipline Ruby, and in the process, she becomes the first shelter dog to earn a place in the K-9 unit.

The disobedient dog Ruby and her motivated trainer Dan make a dynamic duo, and the empathetic storytelling stance characterizes the venture with a gooey feel-good ambiance. Based on a true story, the Netflix original movie should be the eye-candy of every dog lover. Most of the storyline unfolds in an urban location, while – thanks to Ruby – the movie showcases lush parks and suburban neighborhoods. However, if you are curious to know where this Netflix production was filmed, allow us to take you on a journey.

Rescued by Ruby Filming Locations

‘Rescued by Ruby’ was filmed in its entirety in British Columbia, Canada. Filming commenced in early June 2021 and concluded by mid-July 2021. British Columbia has gradually established itself as one of the busiest movie production hubs globally due to several reasons. The province harbors vast natural diversity in terms of landscapes, flora, and fauna. The weather conditions are pleasant, and the production facilities offer all the means necessary to pull off a global scale production. Moreover, the tax incentive provided by the provincial government, coupled with the ideal exchange rate, presents lucrative value for the populace.

David Bercovici-Artieda – a dog-lover himself and the director of ‘Boulevard’ – served as the director of photography for this movie. On the other hand, Nick Richardson of ‘Family Pictures’ fame handled the production design alongside the art director, Gillian Van Santen. Let us now transport you to the specific locations that feature in the movie.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Situated in the southwest part of British Columbia, Vancouver Island serves as an important production site for this movie. Most of the filming took place in and around the capital of the province Victoria, which is situated on the southern end of the island. The coastal metropolis by the Pacific proved to be an ideal choice for a film such as this since it is known for its parklands and outdoor activities.

The cast and crew filmed a few sequences in Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park, a vast 1,072-acre park located in the neighborhood of Saanich. It lies about three kilometers north of Victoria. In its golden era – which was the 1930s and 40s – the park was colloquially known as the “Freshwater Playground of Victoria.”

Vancouver, British Columbia

Filming of some scenes seemingly took place in Vancouver, a culturally enriched city on the west coast of mainland British Columbia. Bustling pubs, lavish production studios, round-the-clock nightlife, boutique hotels, and live music venues form the city’s cultural core. Vancouver is also an economic hub in the province, complete with a busy harbor, apart from its cultural significance.

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