Jessel Taank: RHONY Star is Married to Her Long-Time Roommate

Image Credit: Jessel Taank/Instagram

With flamboyance and pomp, Bravo TV’S ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ follows the personal and professional lives of affluent Manhattan women as they weed out roadblocks in their careers, motherhood, and romantic lives. The reality television show documents the challenges and conflicts that warp the members of the series consistently. From having to navigate the troubles of their personal lives to finding themselves in the throes of friendship drama, the show is wrung with high tension.

With a brand new cast in place, season 14 of the Bravo television show features several ups and downs. Jessel Taank is one of the members who has elevated the series with her quirky personality. So, if you’re also curious to learn more about the first Indian housewife of the show, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Tracing Jessel Taank’s Roots: Age, Family, and Ethnic Ties

Born to Indian ex-pats Kishor and Nilam Taank, Jessel’s formative years in the United Kingdom were shaped by her heritage and values. Growing up in a close-knit household, Jessel wasn’t just close to her parents but also her sibling and uncles, who largely inspired her to dream bigger. After graduating high school, Jessel headed to King’s College in London and received a degree in English and Journalism. From there on, the star went on to carve a path for herself. Inspired by the vociferous ambition and will of her uncles, Max and Nitin Vadukul, Jessel took the plunge and moved westward to pursue the American Dream. The 43-year-old now spends her time between London, New York and Los Angeles.

Jessel Taank’s Profession

After moving to the Big Apple to chase her calling and make a name for herself, Jessel broke ground as a brand consultant and fashion publicist. Over the years, the star has worked with renowned celebrities like Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, and Stella McCartney. Crediting her ability to creatively maneuver traditional approaches, Jessel has continued to rise through the ranks as an acclaimed PR in New York.

In 2020, after accruing a decade of experience in the field and becoming a business leader, Jessel established her firm, The Right Now, a public relations and communications service in Los Angeles. Two years down the line, she established another venture in New York called The Know. As such, in addition to creating memorable moments on ‘The Real Housewives of New York,’ Jessel also remains an industry leader and continues to explore additional avenues of success.

Jessel Taank’s Husband and Kids

Aside from her business and work keeping her busy, Jessel is equally devoted to her family. The reality star is married to Pavit Randhawa, who is also a successful businessman. Unlike a quick attraction that propelled them to tie the knot promptly, Jessel and Pavit’s relationship had grown and blossomed over time. After a friend introduced Jessel and Pavit in a bar in New York City in 2014, the duo didn’t enter a full-fledged romance at once. Instead, Jessel and Pavit decided to become roommates and remained friends for years before taking things to the next level.

When Jessel’s mother visited her daughter’s apartment, she was convinced that the duo would end up together. After hearing the same, Jessel reflected on their dynamic and asked Pavit out to dinner, ultimately leading to years of companionship. After doing long-distance for a significant period of time, Pavit and Jessel finally tied the knot in March 2016. Like her partner, Pavit also assumes a major role in his industry. He is currently the President of Phone Daddy, a Dallas-based telecommunications company. The couple are also parents to two twin toddlers, Kai and Rio. Describing her children as little balls of energy, Jessel is always preoccupied with her children’s needs.

With a packed schedule, a booming career, and two children, Jessel and Pavit have naturally faced their share of issues as partners. Divulging their incapacity to find the same connection since the birth of their children, Jessel has remarked that she and her husband need to work on their marriage in ‘The Real Housewives of New York.’ So, even though Jessel and Pavit have their share of ups and downs, the couple continues to create meaningful memories with their children and family. They also take out time to relax and unwind as well. Naturally, we continue to wish Jessel the best and hope to see more milestones in her future!

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