Is RHONY’s Ubah Hassan Married or Dating? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Image Credit: Ubah Hassan/Instagram

With its patented glitz and glamour, ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ features the incredibly busy and ambitious lives of women from Manhattan whose social calendars are full to the brim with envious appointments. From navigating the challenges afoot in their careers, managing motherhood, and keeping up with the hustle of the big city, the reality television show highlights drama at its finest.

After rebooting the show’s cast, season 14 follows the lives of new stars who guarantee equal tension and drama. One of the new members of the show is Ubah Hassan, whose strong and vivacious personality has enthralled many. So, if you’re also curious to learn more about the reality star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Ubah Hassan’s Age, Ethnicity, and Background

Born on August 27, 1983, in Somalia, Ubah’s road to success was mapped by a number of struggles. Only 8-years-old when she had to flee her war-torn country and move to Ethiopia, Ubah’s early age was lined with impediments. Even when her siblings and parents finally managed to immigrate to Canada, the family had to live in a homeless shelter for a year before they could secure their dwellings. Despite the ups and downs that were faced by her family, success soon came knocking for the woman with an unfettered resolve! Through her grit and determination, the 39-year-old Somali-Canadian entrepreneur has built up a thriving empire for herself!

Ubah Hassan’s Profession

After getting spotted by a photographer in a park in Canada, Ubah kickstarted her career as a model. Since the age of 17, the reality star has been modeling in numerous capacities. When she finally decided to take the plunge and move to New York City at 26, she was met with a number of opportunities. In 2007, Ubah was signed with Click Model Management, which endowed her to do high-profile photoshoots and walk on the runway.

Over the years, Ubah’s talent has been featured in renowned publications like Ralph Lauren, Vogue Italia, and Soul Kitchen. Ubah has also worked with companies like Gucci, Polaroid, Macy’s, and Rachel Roy. Ubah’s move to the Big Apple also gave her the perfect stage to launch her hot sauce business. At the time, Ubah was sharing an apartment with seven other models. Slowly, to replenish taste and bring a layer of flavor to the bland food she’d consume as a model, Ubah started creating the hot sauce. It wasn’t long before the sauce became a hit among her friends and acquaintances at dinner parties.

Inspired by her mother’s ideals, Ubah quickly widened the scope of her abilities and launched her hot sauce business called Ubah Hot, An African Gem. Since its launch in 2020, the sauce has become a representative of Ubah’s Somali heritage and upbringing. Apart from her success as a model and a businesswoman, Ubah has also been the subject of a documentary short film titled ‘Ubah!’ She has also been featured in Netflix’s ‘My Unorthodox Life.’ Naturally, given her growth as a reality show star and entrepreneur, many wonder if Ubah is equally active in her dating life.

Is Ubah Hassan Dating Anyone?

While Ubah Hassan has undoubtedly solidified her position as a business owner, it seems that dating isn’t on the cards for the star right now. Ubah’s fastidious growth as a business owner and model has seemingly occupied her at the moment. Even when rumors about a purported relationship flew in the past, the reality star chose to keep mum on the matter. In 2014, Ubah was reportedly linked with 53-year-old music mogul Jason Flom of Lava Records. However, the duo denied the suppositions, and Jason remained tight-lipped on the details of their relationship. As such, it is evident that Ubah keeps her love interests under wraps and does not divulge her personal life to the public.

Moreover, the absence of a partner on social media also leads us to believe that Ubah is single at the moment. While the star’s love interests may be clad under privacy, Ubah’s opinions on the dating scene are just as amusing. She revels in her tall stature and rejoices that because of her 5’11 height, no man wants to approach her in the club. As such, as far as we can tell, Ubah is enjoying her success and focusing on work. Nevertheless, the star still takes time out for herself and often takes to Instagram to post about her latest outings. So, even though Ubah is still exploring a true connection, we continue to wish her the best and hope to see more milestones in her future!

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