Are Dorinda and John From RHONY Still Together?

The Real Housewives of New York City‘ (or ‘RHONY’) is a part of ‘The Real Housewives‘ franchise that follows several affluent women who live in the Big Apple. The reality TV series allows the viewers a glimpse into the lives of these phenomenal ladies, who have a thriving personal and professional life within the city. Thanks to their entertaining antics, many cast members have gained a large fan following, even after they may have departed from the show.

One such name is Dorinda Medley, whose intriguing personality garnered her a huge fan following. Her relationship with John Mahdessian was also admired by several fans, who must be curious to know what the two are up to these days. If you are in the same boat, here’s what we know about the same!

Dorinda Medley and John Mahdessian’s RHONY Journey

Dorinda Medley first appeared on ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ as a guest in season 4. The seventh installment of the show saw her become a regular cast member, with her life being a significant highlight of the series. Before her time on ‘RHONY,’ Dorinda was married to Richard Medley, her second husband, who unfortunately passed away in 2011. The reality star came on the show as a regular member to fulfill her dream of entertainment and have a chance to heal her grieving heart.

During her initial seasons on the show, Dorinda was dating John Mahdessian, the owner of Madame Paulette Luxury Cleaning and Restoration Specialists. However, her relationship did make it hard for the socialite to spend time with her daughter Hannah Lynch. Another major issue Dorinda faced concerning her relationship with John on the show was his alleged feud with her close friend Ramona Singer. The reality star’s dynamic with most cast members of the show was quite amicable, and she even shared an emotional moment with Carole Radziwill, talking about how hard the death of a spouse can be.

Throughout the show, Dorinda’s relationship with John was a series of ups and downs, wherein most of her friends did not approve of him, leaving her constantly on the defensive regarding their equation. The couple also seemed to be on different frequencies regarding their plans for the future. Dorinda maintained that she was too old to marry and had no plans for a wedding, but John was visibly hurt when she shared this openly on the show.

Regardless, Dorinda maintained that the lack of ceremony didn’t indicate any shortage of love or commitment. She stated on the show that they loved each other and had been together for a long time, which is more than what many have. The reality star further expressed that she enjoyed being able to focus on herself and was not ready to give that up. So were the two able to get past the issues, or have they gone on their separate paths? Well, let’s delve deeper, shall we?

Are Dorinda Medley and John Mahdessian Still Together?

No, Dorinda and John are not together anymore. It was reported in late 2019 that the two broke up midway through the filming of season 12 of ‘The Real Housewives of New York City.’ “The breakup with John is sad. I mean, it’s terrible. But I also know that I have to do what’s best for me now,” Dorinda shared with People. Nonetheless, no major fight or incident led to the split between the two following their seven-year relationship. Instead, John and Dorinda decided they needed a bit of reset and concluded that though they cared for each other, they might not be what they needed in their lives.

After Dorinda’s rocky appearance on the twelfth season of the reality series, she was reportedly fired from the show by the producers. Though the reality star admits that season 12 was not the best time for her, she was looking forward to proving to the audience that she still had what it took to keep them entertained, but unfortunately, she could not get her redemption arc on the reality show.

As of writing, Dorinda seems to be in a happy relationship with her new boyfriend, whom she met accidentally when he unintentionally sat at her table at a restaurant. The two got to talking, and the reality star gave the guy her number, after which he did call back. It seems Dorinda is more than ready for another marriage and is turning her life around. “I just decided this [on] 2/22/2022, I really decided to change, it’s all about change. I’m getting myself a new apartment. I’m going to move into a different area…And I really think I will be married by the end of 2022,” she told Page Six. 

Dorinda Medley did appear on the second season of ‘The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip,’ which was filmed in her Berkshires estate, Blue Stone Manor. It goes without saying that her fans could not be happier about her return to the franchise. Currently, the reality star is spending time with her friends and family, and we wish her the best in life and hope to see more of her in the future.

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