Is Robin Roberts Leaving Good Morning America?

Image Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube

‘Good Morning America’ (commonly referred to as ‘GMA’) is known for the diversity it brings to daytime television. A part of the reason behind the talk show’s popularity is its ensemble of anchors who greet the audiences with some of the best stories and developments for the day from across the country. However, in recent days, one notable member from the show’s anchoring panel has been missing. If you are wondering why longtime co-anchor Robin Roberts hasn’t been appearing on the show in the past few days, here’s everything you need to know!

Is Robin Roberts Leaving GMA?

It is safe to say Robin René Roberts has been the face of ‘Good Morning America’ over the last few years. Since joining the show’s anchoring team in 2005, Roberts has maintained the position and has seen her influence both on the show and in the world of media and journalism grow. Known for her work ethic and tenacity, Roberts has been through the various changes in the show’s format as well as behind-the-scenes. In the last decade, she has been ever-present, only missing out from the show briefly due to health-related reasons.

Image Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube

In August 2021, Good Morning America came into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons after a lawsuit was filed against former producer Michael Corn for alleged sexual misconduct. Several reports suggest that the incident led to a rift between Roberts and co-host George Stephanopoulos. It has also been speculated that the divide is the reason behind Roberts not appearing on the show. However, the reports are unsubstantiated, and the reason for Roberts’ absence is completely different. First of all, Roberts has not exited ‘Good Morning America.’ She has only taken a leave of absence from the show.

It is likely that Roberts took a leave to spend more time with her family. In an Instagram video posted on August 19, 2021, Roberts’ team (the Glam Fam) revealed that they were taking some time off and would be on vacation for the next week and a half. The same is believed to be true for Roberts. The multi-hyphenate returned to the show on September 7, 2021, and resumed her co-hosting duties. You can sense Roberts’ energy and optimism about her job in the video she posted that marks her return to ‘Good Morning America.’

In recent times, Roberts has been extremely busy. Aside from her co-anchoring duties, her production house Rock’N’Robin TV developed a documentary titled ‘The Women of 9/11,’ which is about the courageous actions of women during the World Trade Center terrorist attacks in 2001. Roberts also helped create the show ‘Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts’ for Disney+ that examines the impact of strong women in Hollywood. Roberts briefly hosted the popular game show ‘Jeopardy!’ as well.

Therefore, considering the busy last few months for Roberts and her team, the vacation time was very much a need of the hour. After recuperating and spending time with their loved ones, the Glam Fam and Roberts are once again in the thick of the action, bringing the audiences the best in morning entertainment and news. Furthermore, Robin Roberts has given no indication that she wishes to exit the show, and we will likely continue to see her regularly in the future.

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