Is TLC’s Save My Skin Scripted or Real?

TLC’s ‘Save My Skin’ revolves around renowned dermatologist Dr. Emma Craythorne and documents the complex cases she has to face on a daily basis. Since the cameras get no holds barred access to her clinic, the show focuses on the patients who come to her for treatment while also offering us a sneak peek into the intricate, and at times, challenging procedures employed by the UK-based doctor.

However, since reality TV has been known to wildly exaggerate the actual truth, viewers have often wondered if the entire show is scripted. Besides, people have doubted the authenticity of the diseases featured while questioning the real-life identities of each patient. Well, with fans now eager to learn the truth, let’s dive in and find out if ‘Save My Skin’ is scripted or real, shall we?

Is Save My Skin Scripted?

Although there are several strict factors that determine a show’s authenticity, TLC has always presented ‘Save My Skin’ as an authentic reality show, and we find no evidence to disagree. While the name itself suggests that unscripted shows have to do away with pre-written scripts of all kinds, one cannot pre-determine or rehearse an action before enacting it in front of the cameras. Additionally, every authentic reality show expects the production team to refrain from influencing the narrative, and the cast members aren’t supposed to follow any external directions on how to present themselves while filming.

Despite the long list of factors, ‘Save My Skin’ passes its initial test as there is no duplicity in the casting. We are happy to report that Dr Emma Craythorne MBChB FRCP is a real-life dermatologist specializing in dermatological, laser, and micrographic surgery. While Dr. Emma is currently based out of London, England, she works as a Mohs and laser surgeon at St John’s Institute of Dermatology and the private healthcare facility, OneWelbeck. On top of it, she is also focused on research projects revolving around skin cancer and operates her own skincare brand Klira.

On the other hand, the patients featured on ‘Save My Skin’ are actual people who approach Dr. Emma for help and treatment. Interestingly, Dr. Emma is known to take on severe and complex cases of skin damage, which are often viewed as untreatable by general physicians. Moreover, oftentimes, the patient being filmed mentions that they chose to visit Dr. Emma as a last resort. Hence, even though the production team conducts a background check on all cast members, the rumor about some of the patients being paid actors is entirely false.

Furthermore, while we can confirm that the diseases and procedures portrayed on the show do exist in real life, cameras also document how most patients deal with an immense amount of stress and anxiety. On top of it, cameras not only focus on the success stories, but we also get to witness when a treatment fails, or a disease is considered untreatable, which adds to the authenticity of the show.

While most networks try their best to keep the shows authentic, profit matters the most at the end of the day, and no one will deny the benefits that come with increased viewership. Hence, producers do have the liberty of making slight changes during post-processing, if only to make the narrative more dramatic and gripping. However, keeping this aside, viewers can rest assured as ‘Save My Skin’ ticks all the checkboxes of an unscripted reality show.

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