Where is Save My Skin Filmed?

TLC’s ‘Save My Skin’ follows the Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Emma Craythorne, and her entourage of experts who treat their patients’ extremely unusual skin conditions. The show educates viewers about rare skin ailments and gives them hope that despite their sometimes hair-raising outward appearance, there are ways to deal with such debilitating diseases. As the viewers would have noticed, the filming for the show is done in a location that looks like a typical physician’s office, which may arouse curiosity in some to know where exactly the show is filmed. If you too wish to learn more about the show’s filming location, then we have got you covered.

Save My Skin Filming Location

‘Save My Skin’ is filmed entirely in London, United Kingdom. The city has a rich history that goes back thousands of years, and therefore it is not surprising that London has a significant global influence on entertainment, education, commerce, fashion, finance, research, and development. It is one of the most famous film production centers in the world, and several prominent studios like Twickenham, Elstree, and Borehamwood, Shepperton, Ealing, and Pinewood are located in the city or nearby areas.

London city has been the filming location of several well-known television shows like the historical-drama ‘The Crown,’ the crime-drama ‘Peaky Blinders,’ the sci-fi thriller ‘Black Mirror,‘ the adventure drama ‘Doctor Who,’ and the crime-mystery series ‘Sherlock.’ Shooting for ‘Save My Skin’ is limited to a specific area in London, so without waiting anymore, let’s learn more about it.

London, United Kingdom

‘Save My Skin’ is filmed entirely in Marylebone, a stylish residential area in London. Dr. Emma Craythorne has, over the years, established her own private practice at 152 Harley Street in Marylebone, which has all the cutting-edge technological tools that she needs to treat her patients with complicated skin ailments. The principal filming of ‘Save My Skin’ is done there. Dr. Emma has even posted pictures of her treating several on-screen patients in her private office while also outlining essential details of their diagnosis to help her followers learn more about such ailments.

Located in the West end of London, the district Marylebone has been the shooting location for several films and television shows so far. The long-list includes the horror-mystery ‘The Conjuring 2,’ ‘The Ipcress File,’ comedy-romance ‘Carry on Girls,’ the crime-mystery film ‘The Thirty Nine Steps,’ and action-thriller ‘The Internecine Project.’ But what the neighborhood of Marylebone is most famous for is Baker Street, where the fictional 221B residence of Sherlock Holmes is. The area is also known for housing Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and the BBC headquarters.

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