Is Search Party on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO Max?

Created by Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers, and Michael Showalter, ‘Search Party’ is a dark comedy sitcom that follows a circle of friends who get entangled in the investigation of a missing woman. The events that stem from their involvement are what form the premise of the show, which is set in New York City. Starring Alia Shawkat, John Reynolds, John Early, and other impeccable actors, this show is essentially dark, but the versatility in its themes and undertones is what makes it endearing to the viewers. So if you want to know where this show is available for streaming online, we have news for you!

What Is Search Party About?

The first season of ‘Search Party’ is all about Chantal Witherbottom’s disappearance, so Dory takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of the case. Her friends -Drew, Elliott, and Portia- also join her despite being unwilling to do so. As a result, they find themselves in trouble far too often than necessary. Season 2 shifts its focus to the death of Keith Powell, a private investigator who gets killed because of a lapse in judgment on Dory’s end.

The group attempt to conceal Keith’s death which does not end well for them. Season 3 then follows Dory and Drew as they get into trouble for possible involvement in a murder. Dory is determined to prove that they are innocent, and the process takes a toll on her sanity and relationships. In the fourth edition, Dory gets kidnapped by Chip Wreck, a man obsessed with her. So Drew, Elliott, and Portia begin to search for her.

Is Search Party on Netflix?

‘Search Party is currently not available on Netflix, so you can opt for other shows on the platform such as ‘Good Girls‘ and ‘Fargo.’

Is Search Party on Amazon Prime Video?

This engaging dark comedy series is not presently available on Amazon Prime Video, so you can switch to other TV shows having similar themes like ‘The Boys’ and ‘Mad Dogs.’

Is Search Party on Hulu?

‘Search Party’ is not currently available on Hulu’s existing list of TV shows and movies. So you can try watching other dark comedies like ‘Shameless‘ and ‘Claws.’

Is Search Party on HBO Max?

HBO Max currently has ‘Search Party’ in its expansive video library. So you might want to register on the platform and watch it here.

Where to Watch Search Party Online?

‘Search Party’ is an HBO Max original, so besides watching it on the platform, there are a few options available as of now. You can also live-stream the latest episodes on YouTube TV and Xfinity Stream. Apart from that, you might find the show on VOD platforms such as iTunesVuduMicrosoft StoreGoogle Play, and YouTube.

How to Stream Search Party for Free?

YouTube TV offers a seven-day free trial period, so people who want to watch the show can register and make use of this offer. However, we always discourage our readers from using illegal methods to access the content they wish to consume online. It is always more ethical to pay for the TV shows or movies you want to watch on the streaming platforms where they are available. 

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